Does the US have government assassins

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I was watching the Bourne Identity this evening and it got me wondering. Is there any hard proof that the US (or any other first world countries) have assassins on the payroll. I’m not referring to dictators and their third world hit squads, but rather a government employee that can be called at a moments notice to eliminate somebody. He carries a briefcase containing various passports and a silenced firearm. Also, I’m not referring to groups such as the Navy Seals. While they are called upon to eliminate subjects like OBL, they area a legitimate military group, one that is well known. I’m talking deep undercover men that act on the President’s order to go and whack someone.

Of course since an enterprise such as this would be secret, there very well might not be an answer. So while I’m looking for fact, I’ll settle for your best guess.

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I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s sole job is assassinations. There just aren’t that many people who need whacking. Between the military and the clandestine service in the CIA, there are plenty of people to get the job done when deemed necessary.

Well Israel certainly does:
Check out the latest assassination in Dubai - it is pretty much known to have involved over a dozen people in country. These usually aren’t lone hit men, but get on the wrong side of a bare chested leader whose name rhymes with Rasputin - you might not live very long either.

The CIA certainly wanted to have hit men - the MK Ultra experiments and Church commission proved that. How many people err actually killed by the US that way is unknown.

It is almost certain that we have been at least involved in dispatching Iranian nuclear scientists - but also very likely that the actual agents that plant the bomb, place the ear drop, drop the Mickey, or break in at night are out the same day if it went undetected and living in Israel.

Drone pilots.

And friedo is right - the Mossad does other stuff as well, but it wouldn’t surprise me if some were spending most of their time finding and planning assassinations. The scope of the Dubai case was massive and took way more time than you’d guess at first blush.

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President Ford issued an executive order forbidding government assassination. No. 12333.
Of course the golden years would be with the Kennedys: famously, LBJ uttered the appalled words: ‘We’ve been running a damned Murder Inc. down there.’ In the Caribbean and points south. But I’d imagine that would have been as inept, stupid and messy as the original Murder Inc. run by Lepke.
Assassinations are difficult, need to be covered up and cause problems greater than that which they try to solve. Even the soviets couldn’t manage them well.
As it ends: When dealing with rogue dictators or terrorists such as Saddam Hussein or Usama bin Laden, the United States has consistently employed aerial bombardment and cruise missile attacks to strike at them directly. As each was an attack against a military target or a counterterror operation, any resulting deaths would not be considered assassinations under the Clinton and Reagan exceptions to Executive Order 12333

The great thing about an executive order is that any future executive can issue another order undoing it. Those orders can be situational, too, and classified.

“Go kill that guy. BTW, EO 12333 does not apply to this mission. kthxbye.”

What EO 12333 really means is that nobody can participate in an assassination without the President’s permission.

Isn’t the entire point of black ops is that it’s performed outside the knowledge of higher administration?

You don’t have many dealings with the general public, do you?

Of course not. For targetted assasinations the US has used proxies and agents for decades.

As for the law and Executive Orders, to paraphrase, that’s for the little people. Iran-Contra is all you need to know.

It makes it so much more moral if you kill lots of innocent or insignificant people at teh same time. :rolleyes:

A related question might be - Do you believe that your government (whichever one it is) has a right or moral duty to assassinate people? And if so - which ones?

Anyone I damned well want them to. What do I pay taxes for anyway?

No, it’s performed outside the knowledge of the general public, Congress, and law enforcement.

The USA is just not whacking enough people to make it a full-time job - unless you count drone strikes. So any actual assassinations in the last few decades are likely one-off, recruiting people from other tasks or contracting out.

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