Does this board have an "X is online now" feature I wasn't aware of?

In another thread, someone makes a reference which seems to assume that such a feature exists here. But I see nothing of the kind on any page. Is it something I can switch on? Or am I just misunderstanding the reference somehow?

There’s a little circle next to peoples’ names. If it’s green, they’re online. If it’s gray, they’re offline. You can change a setting in your User CP to always appear offline to others, in which case your circle will look red to you, and gray to everyone else. (Also doubles as a way to find your own posts while scrolling).

If you go to someone’s page, there’s also a Last Activity time.

Looks blue to me. :wink:

As indicators of how kinky the off-line person is currently being, are there 50 shades of grey buttons?

Frylock Frylock is online now

This is how it copy/pastes

Huh. I always wondered if that were a first or last name. Now we know.

Except mods. Bwahahah!

Why do you need to know? Sounds stalkery.

I get why you might need a mod and might want to know who’s about, for possible faster response, but beyond that…

It can be handy to know that someone is online and you can therefore expect a response to one of your witty remarks in the next few minutes rather than tomorrow. Or if you are having an ongoing discussion with someone then see they’ve gone offline you know you can probably call it quits for the night and resume later.

You could tell it a joke or sing it a little song? Hey - it was just an idea.