Does This Dream Bear Any Resemblance to Reality?

I had this dream years ago. I never forgot it, because it was so realistic. It went like this:

-I was a reporter for a large newspaper, stationed in Hanoi, French Indochina. It was some time after the fall of France, and Japanese troops had moved in to occupy the city. One morning, I got a phone call from a government contact-Japanese troops had gone wild and massacred the French administrators. I later toured the local morgue, and saw the bodies of the officials-all had had their throats slit.
It was so realistic that it was almost like time travel-only, i don’t know if anything like this actually happened Did events in my dream actually happen?

Now I’m wondering how big a “dream bear” is.

Japanese coup d’état in French Indochina

Thanks…I must have remembered something about this possibly, I read an account of it and forgot ot; dreams are strange.

Sounds like you were in the Twilight Zone. There must have been a twist, did you see a dead official who looked just like you or something like that?

Anyway, I think I’ve seen this covered in a documentary with some graphic photos, although they may have been stock photos. Perhaps you saw that. It is the kind of thing that invades my dreams once in a while, although usually mixed with other actual events in my life. Sounds like your imagery was pretty vivid. Just curious, was your dream in color?

It was in color and it was very vividjust wondering why this popped up in such a strange way.

So…, did the bear do it or not?