Does this exist: Wireless Cable TV "router"

Here’s what I want to do. I have a cable running into the house – standard Cable TV coax cable. Is there some sort of “router” or transmitter that I can hook it up to so that my TV, several rooms away, can then receive the signal and get cable?

Sorta like wireless internet, except for cable TV.

Bonus: if such a thing does exist, any recommendation? Experiences with such a system?

First of all, if you plan to have both TVs operating at the same time, that is theft of services. With the legalities out of the way, if you have your TV in the living room connected to cable but like to watch TV in bed or in your den, switching the signal to another TV when the primary TV is turned off is permissible.

All you need is a splitter ( placed between the box and the TV. However, you would have to control the channel on the 2nd TV through the box on the 1st TV, which means both TVs would play the same channel if both were turned on.

You could also try placing the splitter before the box. Depending on how much of your cable signal is scrambled, you might be able to get your broadcast channels plus a few more on the 2nd TV.

Ehh? First of all, there is no box. The cable is is just running in. The tuning is done through the TV itself. Second of all, how does your post make my second TV wireless?

Sorry, I’m not quite following.

Not necessarily. My provider allows for multiple TVs. I suspect many others do too.

This assumes that Jayrot has a box. Many cable services (mine included) have no box at all. Just straight coax from the wall into the TV.

As an aside, what would be the legality of splitting the cable signal to another TV when you don’t have (or need) a cable box?

Our local cable company used to charge for extra outlets in houses. After much complaining, they dropped this rule. As long as you setup doesn’t interefere with anyone else’s service, you are free to split the signal to your heart’s content.

Of course, if you don’t want to do it yourself, they will do it for a fee.

Hence the question. Any answers? The sticky point here is the wirelessness. I don’t want a huge coax cable draped across 2 or 3 rooms.

Where does the cable come in?

It would be great if it came into the attic. Then you could split it and run the extra wiring into the walls of the rooms where you want cable access. You can install wall plates.

You’d have to fish the wires through, but you’d never know the cable was there.

I don’t have any experiences with it, but there’s this.

It doesn’t accept coax as an input, but perhaps you can buy a convertor on the front that goe from coax to three RCA jacks? There’s also this and this, the last one getting a 5 star rating from 30 the previous people that purchased it.


Wireless Cable TV Kit CATV2400

This does exactly what you want, and has a built in cable tuner and lots of other features.

FANTASTIC! Much thanks astro and aaelghat