Does this mean that she is the true and rightful king?

It could certainly enliven the 2048 campaign.

“…and so, in conclusion, my package of entitlements reforms will preserve Social Security and Medicare for generations to come.”

“Thank you, Senator Bedfellow. You have one minute for a rebuttal, Ms. Vanecek.”


Audience: “The Sword of Jönköping! The Sword of Jönköping!”

Less insulting than the farcical election ceremonies we currently enjoy.

I’ve been thinking they were overdue for a Scandinavian invasion. What has it been, 1100 years?

Careful there big fella, calling an 8 year old girl a bint? I get that you are trying to make with the chuckles, but I’m gonna call off-sides on that one.

Moistened bint at that. Shaaaame, shaaame, shaaame.

Eh, it’s just Arabic for “girl”

She’s really raised the stakes for show and tell.

Apparently it has a derogatory implication in Britland, though.

I’ve already bought the album for the rock opera Saga’s Saga by Saga.

She’d have to have pulled it out of a stone, after countless others had tried and failed.

starring Lady Gaga

English slang for a whore, or bitch. Similar to a tart.

Nah, I saw the Gaga saga–it was caca.

If she brought the sword for show and tell in the US she would immediately be arrested for bringing a weapon to school.

Sweet little piece in the Guardian’s magazine this week:

It would be no great surprise in England to find (presumably highly-valued) metal objects from pre-historic times in (presumably sacred) water; interesting that it turns up elsewhere in Europe.

Yeah, it’s sweet…But let’s show some pity for the poor father:


She wants a replica sword :- is Paypal safe these days ? I’m inclined to throw in 50 euros (not least because she might be the Once and Future king. Best to keep on the right side of such individuals).