Does this record cost 300 dollars???

My brother goes to a market every sunday morning to buy records. Today he found a record called Bustin’ Outta the Ghetto. The artist is Carlos Malcolm. He said he read an article somewhere that it’s worth 300 dollars. I’ve looked everywhere and searched every possible thing I could think of but I could not find the cost of this record. I found reviews saying how rare it is but nothing about the cost. Does anybody know what it’s worth???

And incase you’re wondering, it is definitely an original pressing…

Things are worth exactly what people will pay for them. Just keep checking on eBay until you see it sold a few times.

Here is one listing. Here is another. I don’t know much about collectible LP’s but these are not expensive at all.

For some reason this insists on taking me to, even after I’ve removed the extraneous http://.

Yea, those listings are of reissues which means the label repressed a bunch of records for sale after its original release. When a rare record is found, it always one of the original pressings.