Does this republican US Congress candidate make up this stuff?

Tomorrow at my work we’re having the three candidates for the US House of Congress stopping by to explain their views and open it up to a Q&A. I looked at all 3 of their websites and the republican’s website had some quotes that I found rather disturbing. Mostly because nothing was cited. Here’s his website:
Billington for Congress
Here’s one quote that I’d like to see if anyone can explain if there’s any merit to it:
“The liberal mantra of “don’t resist an air-hijacker” cost us 3,000 lives on September 11.”
–Clyde BIllington

In case you’re curious, here are our other two candidates:
Betty McCollum and Scott J. Raskiewicz

Both the Demoblicans and the Republicrats make stuff up. Apparently, this is only the beginning for you. Prepare for a whole lifefime of absurd speeches, broken promises, baseless charges, and unabashed lies every time elections approach.

Back in the days when hijackers hijacked airplanes as a form of kidnapping, to leverage the hijack for political gain, the smart move for the kidnapped was to shut up and go along, because the end result was out of their hands, and most likely they would live if they didn’t play hero. Pre-9/11, compliance was in fact the wisest thing to do.

Obviously, that has changed.

Equally obviously, Clyde Billington is a raging asshole of the very worst kind who doesn’t deserve to be voted dogcatcher.

Well, hey, at least Billington does have one thing going for him–he doesn’t mince words. Build the missile defense shield, dig for oil, get tough on crime, bomb Saddam, that’s what he wants.

Living in a state with two gubernatorial candidates who are shyer than a couple of blushin’ debutantes about expressin’ their preferences, it’s kind of a relief to hear a man who knows what he wants.

In comparison, Betty sounds vague, and Scott comes across as a geeky ex-College Kid talking head. “The market is essentially a plaything of the corporate and economic elite and their cohorts in Congress.” I mean, WTF? Scott? Do we get a tax cut or not?

I liked his bit about safe nuclear power plants.