Does this sound like a scam to you?

I can never tell what the catch is in these Work at Home things. I need something I can do at home so that I can be with my son.
If it’s not a catch, what should I email them? My resume? I’ve never responded to a job classified ad on Craigslist before.

Seems sketchy to me- that is a lot of money for an entry level job with low educational requirements (and it claims to be part time…hmmm), and they don’t provide any information at all about the nature of their company. If it isn’t an outright scam, I imagine it’s some sort of on-commission collections deal and you are unlikely to make the rather fabulous amount they claim is possible.

Sound to me like a legit collection agency.
However, the salary is probably based upon a commission which is based upon how many people you actually get to pay up.
I might be wrong, but my guess is that they assume if you call, for instance, 100 people this month, you are expected to get 10-20 to pay up their overdue bills, or at least make a payment plan. Considering the economy right now, good luck with that.
Plus, I hope you have really thick skin to handle the verbal abuse.

Still, somebody has to make those calls, and from the job description, it sounds like a legit job to me. Just beware…if you don’t deliver, my guess is you won’t have this job long.

Why would a reputable company with decent salaries to offer stay anonymous?

I also find the whole thing badly written:

  • ‘Maintain productivity’ is an essential responsibility for this job, huh? What jobs don’t need that?

  • ‘Secure or request Specific Power Of Attorney to support accounts’ You’d think in-house counsel might do this for you…

I expect you’ll be asked for a ‘payment’ up front to cover ‘expenses’.

(If you want a job working from home, I’d go through an agency.)

First of all, Hello glee! Was talking (good things) about you the other day with friends!

However, I am not sure if it is the same in Jolly Old, but here in the US, collection agencies remain anonymous simply because they don’t want pissed off people who have been contacted by them to know who they are. Can you imagine the fun if you know the email address and phone number of the agency badgering you for funds?! Usually, reputable companies farm out their bad debts to these agencies for pennies on the dollar…getting anything back is better than nothing. So for instance, if you owe Sears $3000, and they called you 100 times and got nowhere, they will farm this out and settle for $1000 to the company who will try to get $2000 from you. This gives that collection agency a chance to make $1000 simply by being persistent…and I do mean very persistent.

These jobs are rarely, if ever, found through a reputable agency, but that doesn’t make them any less legit. I won’t guarantee torie will find happiness and get a gold watch from them in the future, but this is usually how they find people to make those calls.

You should assume everything on craigslist in the jobs section is a scam. This is exactly why they’re enacting the $25 fee to post jobs soon. 99% of the posts are either there to harvest personal information, or are headhunters, or are selling a service of some sort (I have X employers lined up just pay me $100 to get your resume in the order they like, etc). If the income is above average, it sounds easy, it doesn’t identify the company, doesn’t give legitimate contact info, and any number of other red flags, then you should avoid it like the plague.

Where do I find these agencies? Do they exist in the U.S.?

Thanks to everyone who answered. I felt a little skeptical of the whole thing, now I kinda know why. It’s either a scam, or something I really don’t want to do.