Does this sound right?

I have been renting the upstairs of a duplex from the landlord who lives downstairs since February. It is a two bedroom flat. I have always paid rent on time and he has a $600 security deposit, and $600 cat deposit from me.

I signed a new lease with him for July which also has me getting a roommate who signed the lease as well. Roomie was moving some boxes over yesterday, and I asked the landlord for a key. She said not till July 1.

I pay for electicity, and there’s no heat needed in the summer. It’s not like he’s moving in a week early, just makes it more convenient to move stuff over, but even so, the rent is paid. I don’t get it. Am I off base here or is she being a :wally

He’s being at least a :wally.

What does your current lease say about roommates, subletting, overnight visitors, etc.

Sounds nit-picky to me. But renting is almost always like that. I hope you make your landlord earn your rent money. BTW, is the landlord a he or a she? You refer in both genders…got me curious.

My fault. She identified the :wally as a “she” and the roomie and a “he”.

I’m the one that mixed 'em up. Apologies.

Go down to the corner store and for $1.50 have them make you another key.

My landlords are actually husband and wife who live downstairs. The lease does say that I can’t have anyone new move in w/out their consent, but new roomie filled out the application, and they did approve of him.

The thing that bothers me is that I have been a good tenant, and don’t understand what difference 1 week makes. Now, anytime new roomie wants to bring over a box of dishes, or clothes or whatever, I must be around.

It’s not the end of the world, but it certainly is an annoyance. I’m just going to stick with the fact that I believe they are being :wally 's

I have to agree with your landlord here. In general, there are all sorts of laws, most of them favorable to the lessee, dealing with persons living on a landlord’s property without a lease. Technically, until July 1, your new roomie isn’t on the lease. I personally would never let a rentor move in to my property until the date on the lease - it’s too much of a pain to get them out, once they are on the property (even if the lease isn’t in effect or there is no lease at all), should they decide to screw me over.

If you do get a key made on the sly, how are you going to allow this guy to come and go, considering that your landlord lives downstairs? They would probably notice, and it wouldn’t bode well for your future relationship with them to do exactly the opposite of what is legally their right to request.

Yes, a putz vote all around for them. It is always disheartening and annoying to find that some people don’t take your life into consideration. I’m guessing if your roomie banged on their door every time he needed to get into the apartment they would find that inconsiderate.
It comes down to that nasty feeling of not being trusted. Combined with the fact that you’re giving them a check every month to boot. My sympathies.