Does Trump have RBF?

(For those few posters who may have somehow not heard of this, RBF = resting bitch face and describes a tendency for a person of either gender to look like they are scowling or displeased when in fact their emotional state is neutral).

First, let me say this is NOT a political thread. There are plenty of conservatives/people whose political views I can’t stand who don’t have RBF - nominee Neil Gorsuch seems to be one. And there are plenty of people I like a lot who do have it. In fact, I am pretty sure that I have it, based on the number of times when I’ve been totally relaxed and have been asked what I’m upset about.

All political leanings aside, I really think Trump has RBF.

I recognize that my biases may be influencing how I see pictures of Trump. And possibly outlets like CNN where I get a lot of my news tend to choose still photos of Trump that show him at his worst. (He looks so much less scary when he smiles, yet I rarely see photos of him with a genuine grin on his face.)

So what do you all think? Does Trump suffer from RBF?

Trump has either RBF or PCF (Psychotic Constipated Face).

No, it’s just an age thing.

But in Trump’s case, it’s also his personality.

Repetitive Brain Fallout most definitely with Real Brainy Finking the alternative truth.

“At 50, every man has the face he deserves.”

I’ve never seen the man with a pleasant expression. Even the cover of Art of the Steal is kind of pursey-pussy-pinchy face, and he was only about 40 then.

I’d call it RAF face, no insult to British flyers intended.

I’d like to note that in most of the photos linked in the OP, his face isn’t actually “resting” - he’s smirking, or scowling, or pouting. In fact I’ve rarely seen his face relaxed, he’s often jutting his jaw forward or otherwise making unpleasant facial expressions. I also can’t recall seeing him with a genuine smile, the closest he gets is a smirk.

It’s one thing he has in common with Frederick Douglass.

Yes. I think of him as have Resting Smirk Face (RSF) rather than RBF.

Resting Sphincter Face is perhaps more accurate.

I don’t believe he has RBF, he’s just ugly.

you can see by his face he is getting fatter, IMO

Does Trump have a BFF?

Or any F’s at all?

I keep forgetting that I installed that app that changes pictures of Trump to kittens :smack: I do believe his ugly mug is sufficiently burned into my brain enough to say that what he has is just that; an ugly mug. This is not a handsome man. Add to that his nasty personality, his complete lack of photogeneity and the media’s tendency to use the most unflattering shots (not that they have much to choose from).