Does Trump have speech writers?

He says some pretty outlandish stuff. It appears that there is not a PC circuit that filters anything. Granted it gets lots of air play. And maybe that is the goal.

Do you think he is speaking off a prepared speech, and tosses in some off the cuff remarks? Or is the whole project scripted?

Anyone here write Trump speeches?

He has speech writers. I have no idea how much he says is written by him, others, or ad-libbed. I get the impression he grabs facts and phrases from prepared material and wings a lot of his speech. He doesn’t use conventional speech style, he’s got a lot of interaction and repetition in the way he conveys information.

I was under the impression that he ad libs everything.

Back in my days as a speechwriter, I had a CEO for a client who insisted on fully researched, carefully polished, timed speeches. He would then ignore virtually everything I wrote.

I asked his assistant why the CEO even bothered with a written draft when all he used from it was occasional sentences. His reply, “In case he loses his place.”

I assumed he was just cutting and pasting posts from Free Republic or something.

What grates on me is how simple his sentences are so I would guess he doesn’t use the speechwriter"s speeches for more than an outline.

I’m pretty sure I heard some TV pundit say that his campaign announcement speech (the one with the escalator entrance and Mexican the-rapists) was unscripted.

ETA: CBS referred to it as unscripted here.