Does Trump Think That He Will Be Welcomed In The UK?

He’d make a plan and he’d follow through,
That’s what Winston Churchill would do.


“Trump not welcome in Greenwich”: Council.

Evening Standard

USA Today

What they could do to actually keep Trump out, I don’t know.

Jack squat, I assume. Harrumph loudly and turn their backs on hm. Oh, well, The Donald doesn’t care about the little people’s opinion of him anyway.

The size of his inauguration crowd…

Maybe not relevant to Greenwich, but:

What would happen if a municipality and/or state decided they didn’t want to cover the expense of a presidential visit, and told the Secret Service that they were on their own? No road blocks, no massive numbers of police officers to bolster presidential safety, etc. Would the visit have to be scrapped? Is a local government required to provide these services to a federal official?

It’s a police matter. Of course they provide appropriate services. It is called the Police Service, because they serve the whole of the public.

They have probably declared themselves a nuclear-free zone as well. Councils sometimes do this stuff - maybe they want the publicity, or maybe it’s a trade-off for some deal in the council chamber.

Quite possible they were half asleep and thought they were playing bridge - “Three No Trumps…?”

Trump responded: I don’t wanna go to Green-Witch anyway. I mean, have you been to Green-Witch? It’s an awful place. Very unfriendly. Very unfriendly. Believe me. Even their time is mean.

It’s a shame Prince Philip has retired, because otherwise I see a solution to that problem.

As I asked in the other thread, does he get an invite to the wedding?

They sidestepped that problem by having it at Windsor Castle with a limited guest list. I doubt that there will be any Heads-of-State, or even political figures there unless they are personal friends as well. St George’s Chapel has room for 800 guests, so it shouldn’t be too hard to prune the list.

President Obama wasn’t invited to Prince William’s wedding and that was a wedding of greater consequence in a larger venue. I think the only foreign politicians who got invitations were the Queen’s 15 other PMs.

Thank fuck for that. The entire Commonwealth dodged a bullet.

The modern tradition is to have a church wedding, followed by a formal wedding breakfast, with a knees-up in the evening. They can only get 162 round the table in St George’s Hall, so some will have to make do with a buffet elsewhere.

Just as long as the FA Cup Final is on the telly in a back room.

The what now …

Many people who deplore Donald Trump were against the nomination of Hillary Clinton. They’re both, er, how do I put this? She’s from Chicago, and he’s from Queens, but you just know they’re both Yankees fans. They’re that type.

I’m pretty sure in the UK (at least in England) the center can simply direct the municipalities to do anything lawful.

What is a “knees-up”?