Does WhaleMail work?

Your responses to Alonist tend to be a bit condescending and not at all helpful.

Email may not be much slower than ftp or IM services for data transfer but you should try to find out if there is a limit to the size of the file you can email before you send a bunch of mp3 attachments to your friend. It used to be common practice to limit emails to 2MB though and it still is with my company. I don’t know anything about WhaleMail so I can’t answer your original question. If k2dave’s suggestion doesn’t work out, some alternative solutions would be to setup a basic web page with download links to your files so your friend can access them. Or setup a linux box on your own network as an ftp server. I don’t know how computer literate you are but these are not difficult things to learn and i think they provide a more stable and useful solution than ICQ or something similar.

breaknrun my responses to alonicist may be a bit condescencing and I do not mean to offend him in any way, mainly to point him in the right direction. He came here asking for some magic formula trying to get around some basic facts of data transmission and my point was that he should be looking for real basic knowledge as opposed to magic shortcuts. I think my posts have been useful in that he has more knowledge now that he has read them. I agree I do have little patience with people who think they can bypass the basic laws of the world by just ignoring them. I did not mean to offend him or anyone but rather be helpful even if part of my (implied) message was “you are going the wrong way about this”. Again, sorry if it came across the way it did.

Thanks, breaknrun, plain talk is fine with me. I’m assuming that if I set up a web page, my computer would act as server for the music, or something like that, which would avoid file transfers. Anyway, I’ll find out sooner or later. I have a (slightly outdated but probably sufficient) book on how to HTML one’s own webpage, but haven’t dragged it out yet to research audio file information. Sometimes it’s fun to struggle with the inadequate info in Microsoft Help, and make my own stupid mistakes.

But straightforward criticism won’t bust my chops.