Hotmail Sucks

The server is always busy lately. What are they doing with my $0.00?

They are in Cancun. Didn’t you get the email?

Running like lightnin’ for me. Like you said though, you get what you pay for. I know Yahoo! mail is much better but Bruce_Daddy@hotmail(dot)com has been with me for 6 years, can’t abandon it now!

I started to really hate hotmail, so I got a yahoo account too. Now I only use the hotmail one for things that might get me spammed. It worked great, for a while.

Hotmail is now rejecting addresses (at least for me) that I know are valid, even other Hotmail addresses. And, like the OP, the server seems always to be ‘too busy’.

It seems that lately Yahoo mail works well, and Hotmail doesn’t. Are there any other complete reversals I should be expecting? Has the moon become the sun?

What are they doing with your $0.00, you ask? Why, they’re coming up with ways to block messages sent from competing email services. Watch for their upcoming ad campaign featuring the new slogan, “Hotmail: We Decide Who Your Friends Are.”

There’s a thread over in IMHO where people are exchanging Gmail invites. Free yourself from Hotmail!

If it makes you feel any better, I’m using the $20/year “enhanced” Hotmail service and I’m getting “this server too busy” messages several times a day.

I was just checking my spam filter and found a plea for help from someone who’d been accidentally locked out of the SDMB. Hotmail has gotten better about catching most of the spam, but too many legit emails are winding up in the filter for my taste. To make matters worse, I can’t add my own address to my safe list!

I’m also upset that I can’t forward letters from my “sent messages” file. Sometimes I want to forward an email warning I’ve sent to the modmail list, and I can’t simply use a “forward” button, there’s no button there. I have to C&P the email.


Only becuase this is the SDMB, I will give you my patented, super-secret, guarantied* to work, method of logging in to Hotmail. Here goes:

Forget all about logging in through Use instead.

I know, it sounds stupid, but whenever I used to have problems getting in through, I would use instead and it always works. Well, except when the servers are actually down. Of course, this won’t solve any of the myriad of other problems with hotmail’s shitty service.

*Guaranty void if it fails to work. akennett not responsible for loss of sanity due to using shitty Microsoft services. This message will self-destruct in 5…4…3…2…

I think that article is bullshit, at least for non-invite emails After I first read it, I sent an email from my gmail account to my hotmail/msn account, and to my yahoo account. Neither blocked it (but it was sent to the spam folder of the hotmail account, which I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and believe it to be an innocent false positive).

The article even ends with “Please note: I’ve not been able to verify this one way or another.”

It’s possible they were blocking and stopped, but I think they never were blocking.

The only reason I still use my Hotmail account is becasue the MSN messanger will beep and a little message comes up saying I have an e-mail from so-and-so. Can a Gmail account do this? If so maybe I will look into getting an invite.

I never have a problem with my Yahoo account but I only use it for lists and such.

MSN messanger will beep and a little message comes up saying I have an e-mail from so-and-so. Can a Gmail account do this?


Not “out of the box” but I’ve run across a couple references on how to make gmail work with a “pop3” email program, such as Outlook by using an intermediate application or service. Didn’t follow on them as I’ve got enough email addresses as it is. Just Google on pop3 and gmail.

Well, I just got an email from a buddy on Yahoo I sent an invite to weeks ago, and he says he never got it! So maybe they were indeed blocking invites at least.


Well that kind of explains your user name… :wink: