Does Your Area Have A Variety Of Football Fans?

From a “people around here root for several different teams” perspective, that is.

As I look around my office, I see all the local teams well-represented of course (Giants, Jets, Eagles). I also find a smattering of folks who count themselves as fans of the Steelers, Dolphins, Bears, Falcons, Cowboys, Redskins, Rams, Bucs, Ravens, Bills, Broncos, Chiefs or Colts.

Totalling that up, we’ve got people rooting for fully half of the NFL’s 32 teams here. Is this a northeast thing, where we’ve got folks from all over the country who have gravitated here, or do many other areas have this type of fandom variety?
Inspired by the Erie, PA thread

I live in Arizona. The melting pot of the US outside of Florida. So we have Eagles Fans to Raiders fans - titans to vikings, dallas to bears and all inbetween . I’ve been a Bears fan my whole life, so obviously I don’t ride any band wagons since 1985.

I live near Indianapolis, and the Colts are relatively recent arrivals here. So, among the Colts fans, there are folks who formed their alliances in the pre-Colt times. There are Vikings fans, Cowboys fans, Redskins fans, and of course, Bears fans. Oddly, though we are just as close to Cincinnati as Chicago, there aren’t many Bengals fans.

I know one old guy who briefly played as a Bear. In baseball they call that “had a cup of coffee with.”

College football is big here, and you’re just as likely to see a Purdue or Notre Dame emblem as a pro team emblem.

From the “other” melting pot–Las Vegas: Almost every NFL team’s fans are represented here; in fact, most teams have one or more “fan bars” here. The Raiders and Steelers are probably the best represented bar-wise.

I live outside of Boston and not that far from Foxborough. I do not hang around with too many football fans but the only ones that ever make themselves known are Patriots fans all the way. I guess that is too be expected with a local championship team.

I live in Orlando.

Old-time Florida people (i.e., pre-Disney) are Dolphins fans.

More recent transplants who have still been here long enough to think of themselves as Floridians tend to pull for the Bucs.

You will, however, find more than a few Jaguars fans, especially as you head north of town to Deltona/Deland.

But of course, since most people that live here grew up somewhere else, they root for the team they left behind.
Of course, all 3 Florida teams claim Orlando as “their” TV market, which means I only see my Eagles when they play on Monday Nights.

And I’m working nights next week. :frowning: