Does your cat like ice cubes? (severely mundane)

When we got the current kitty, we discovered by accident that she likes ice cubes in her water bowl (my wife dropped an ice cube and it fell into her bowl).

Ever since, when we fill her water bowl, she’ll look at it and look up at whoever filled it as if to say, “Well, where’s the ice?”

We’ll toss in a handful and she’s as happy as a clam. She’ll drink the water and scoop up a cube (actually a half-moon shape) and lick it.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a ice-loving cat!

Erica has her outside water for the porch, and she loves an ice cube dropped in there. The bowl is ceramic, maybe it’s the noise as it bounces around the sides of tghe bowk.

OK , you’re not the only one with an ice-loving cat .

my cat doesn’t care one way or another , but I’m sure there are others out there … :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously , I have ony had my cat Ruby for a little over a month , and she was adult when I got her from the shelter . She is still adjusting to life as a family member , and so far turns her cute little nose up at every non-cat food tidbit she has been offered . Chicken , cheese , scrambled egg , hamburger … she sniffs them and walks away . I haven’t tried her with ice , but I don’t imagine it would turn her crank .

Now the DOGS ??? Good grief , if they hear me getting ice , they line up at the fridge . They love crunching on ice cookies , as I call them . Cheapest dog treat in the world ! :smiley: And when it’s hot and they have been outside on dog business , I will have a fresh tub of water waiting for them with ice in it when they come in . After all , who DOESN’T like a nice glass of ice water when they are hot ?

Just watch kitty carefully for any signs that she is developing a taste for bourbon or twists of lemon. An alcoholic cat can be real trouble, not to mention expensive, as cats unfailingly demand premium brands.

My cat loves vanilla ice cream.

The only time I ever put an ice cube in the cat’s water bowl, she was very suspicious of it and poked at it with her paw to try and fish it out.

Yes, my cats like them when it’s hot. Or- at least some seem to like them, other ignore them.

If I give my cat an ice cube on the kitchen floor, he’ll bat it around until it goes under the stove. It doesn’t take long.