Does your dog do this? (And why does mine?)

We call it “doing the dinosaur,” because he looks like a 25-lb T. Rex in the process.

He leans way back on his hind legs, so he’s almost in a sitting position, lifts his front legs off the ground and waves them in the air, opens his mouth and bares his teeth–and then it’s back to walking normally again. Except if he’s gone *really *far back and up, in which case he does a partway back somersault and scrambles sheepishly to his feet.

He only does it while walking, never while just standing. He only does it outside, never indoors. He only seems to do it during daylight, not at night, but the level of sunshine doesn’t seem to be a factor. He’s been doing it on and off for the last few months–not every day, not every walk, but sometimes five or six times in a single jaunt around the block.

I suppose it’s possible he does it on purpose, but it *seems *completely involuntary.

He’s a very old dog, probably about 14, and we’ve had him for about five years without having seen this at all until recently.

It doesn’t seem to bother him, except it sometimes seems to injure his dognity.

Anyone ever seen this? I’ve asked him what’s going on, but of course he is the strong silent type–

Could he be scratching his behind on the ground? But, not sure why he would just do it outside. Don’t dog’s have those glands in their rears that can get irritated?

IANAV - almost sounds like an atypical siezure. Check with your vet.

Oh, I will (check with the vet, that is)–just wondered if anyone had experienced this with a dog before!

Back trouble?

I have a Lab that sometimes lies on her back and gives a Nazi salute (one front leg stiffly extended), but I think that’s because she’s a fascist.

I was going to suggest back trouble. Is it like when a person is having lower back pain, and they put their hands in the kidney area and lean backwards to try and stretch their muscles out?

I was going to say shoulder pain - the dog rears up on his hind ligs to take the pressure off his front end.

But yeah, it’s weird and a vet visit would be a good idea.