Does your dog stand there and stare at you while you're cooking?And does it drive you

My dog doesn’t just sit and stare at whoever’s cooking (although she does do that as well), but rather takes a more proactive approach. Namely, to get in my way, in the hope that I’ll trip over her and drop some choice item on the floor. Since she’s small and quiet enough not to be easily notice, I have no doubt one day she’ll succeed.

In the meantime, she is content with the cooked chicken, cheese, pretzels, raw potatoes etc. thrown to her by dad. She eats better than I ever did at Oxford.

I think maybe she’s just a spoiled brat! Of course, it would be pretty cool if she was Kurt Russell in disguise…

My dogs get the “go lay down” command. It means they have to get out of the kitchen and lay down while we’re cooking or eating. My kitchen is an open floor plan so, they go to the edge of the tile and lay there and look pathetic. It doesn’t work on me either. I can’t do anything about the drooling.

My dog does this, too. The big brown eyed soulful stare. He scarfs down anything that falls on the floor. But what’s really funny is if I’m just standing there waiting for the microwave or some such, he jumps on my butt! He’s a medium sized dog and that’s where his paws go when he jumps. I guess he thinks if I’m not doing anything I should be paying attention to him!

The cats beg more than the dog does, everytime we even walk into the kitchen, there they are. You go and get a glass of water, “meow?” “mreow?”
Do not leave a plate on the counter at my house because the black cat, will jump up and start eating from your plate.

When I am passing out food for them, they are always underfoot, and crying.
When i do not have a bite for them, they will stand up, cry and give me the Starving Neglected Orphan Look.
And they get mad when we are eating somethin they do not like, and stomp away.
The new nickname for our cats is “the misery Chorus”

Dear hooman Gazoo…

please be advised that we have more than one hypnosis stare…

to wit:
-the “I want my pig ear” stare
-the “I want YOUR hooman roast beef” stare
-the “I want under the covers between your feet” stare
-the “what are you doing sitting on that white thing in the small room?” stare
-the “i need to pee now” stare
-the “I want to sniff outside…but I’m pretending that I need to pee” stare

regards, Clancy the beagle

My dog, the mighty Flash, knows he’s not allowed in the kitchen when I’m cooking. He’ll sit just outside the kitchen and watch me cook. He knows better than to beg; he just watches me 'cause he likes to.