Does your dog stand there and stare at you while you're cooking?And does it drive you


One vote here for locking the dog in the cellar whenever it’s time to cook supper.

One proxy vote against (the Better Half), because he thinks it’s cute for her to beg. “But look at the way she sits right up like a circus dog! Isn’t that adorable?”

He dropped half a chicken breast, on purpose, once.

My dog does the same thing. He just sits there and looks at you like he hasn’t eaten in three weeks. He is little too, so you accidentally step on him and what not. Then if something should hit the floor he is there so fast that you don’t even see him move. It is amazing, though a little annoying.

No dog, but my demon cat, the High Commander in the Evil Kitty Warlord’s Army does that. The SO says she acts just like a dog when it comes to begging for food. If you walk out of the kitchen while dinner’s cooking, she hisses at ya in case you forgot about her.

Goofy feline

Dogs? Dogs??? Try cats!

One dog is old, so he just sleeps away in the living room. The young one sprawls his 80 pounds right in the middle of the kitchen. The two stupid cats sit there and howl, and swat at my legs, begging for any kind of scraps. Of course, if I toss something to them, I’m compelled to feed the dog as well.

At least I can throw something to Duke and he’ll catch it. I drop something right in front of the stupid cats and they don’t even see it half the time. Either that, or the kitten will snatch it from the older one and walk out of the kitchen growling, while a piece of chicken is hanging from his mouth.

I don’t think they’re really cats…more like 2 funny-looking dogs. :slight_smile:

My dog back home doesn’t really get excited while we’re cooking. It’s only after she sees us going for dishes that she saunters over and demands her share of the evening’s entree. Our favorite trick, though, is on pasta nights. After she thinks we’re not looking, she plants herself in front of the stove and guards the noodles until we’re done or until someone puts them away. She’s been known to sleep there if we forget to put stuff in the fridge.

Fortunately, my mutt is never fed indoors. All that he has learned to do is to lick up even some spilled water on the off chance that there might be a few atoms of chicken stock in it.

He does try to give me the old big-brown-eyes routine, but I just as patiently ignore him. Usually, he just lies down near the kitchen door and listens for anything hitting the floor.

[intercom PA]

Clean-up on aisle one!

[/intercom PA]

DDG, what your dog is trying to do is known as Dog Hypnosis (also known a Plan A). It is a technique passed on from generation to generation, all the way back to caveman days. Mine try it on me all the time, and it never works. I fear they have decided to go to Plan B…
Plan B is when two or more dogs are in cahoots with each other, secretly plotting ways to take the food, rather than waiting to have it handed to them. Plan B is a very dangerous operation, and only to be used in the most dire circumstances. In my house, Plan B consists of Little Dog trying to trip me, while Medium Dog waits to snatch the goods. Large Dog, on the other hand, is too lazy to participate in this, but she has Phase 2 of Plan B covered. Phase 2 of Plan B is when Phase 1 is either aborted or unsuccessful. She has a deal with the other two, that since she is tall enough to reach into the trash, she will sneakily go dumpster diving while Mom and Dad are watching TV, and split the goods with them (of course, she gets first pick). They actually got away with that one a few times before we caught on. Now Big Dog has to wear the Collar Of Shame™, a hideous yet brilliant creation that will alarm us to any trash picking.

ROFLMAO,Wicked Blue!! How do I get one of these collars.

Yes, Jake the wonder beagle not only does the hypnotic stare when I’m cooking, he does it anytime I walk into the kitchen. It usually works.

Hey, Gazoo, think it’s a fluke the furballs have such keen scent and hearing? They’ve honed and adapted them in their (successful) subjugation of mankind. My pooch can be upstairs completely flaked out, dead to the world and dreaming, and all I have to do is get NEAR the kitchen. Poof! The Miraculous Appearing Dog! Hey, I might be getting something to eat in there!

Dog thought: oboyoboyoboy, she’s opening the drawer where the CAN OPENER is! ::dance, wag, “sit”, look cute:: oh well, she’s still close to the REFRIGERATOR! ::wag, tilt head:: last week she dropped a pretzel from the Magic Forbidden Counter, o bliss, it may happen again!

She lies on her rug while I’m cooking; I don’t allow her underfoot. Too scared I might accidentally step on her, splash her w/ hot water, etc. She curls up on her side and watches me but never sleeps because I might drop something. She still has faith, even after the unfortunate incident with a bit of chopped jalepeno. The Lurking Puppy Of The Serengetti leapt on it and scarfed it down w/o sniffing first. It was traumatic for both of us.


My 2 cats are constantly in the kitchen while we cook. You don’t dare leave for a minute for any reason if there’s food on the stove, as Sneakycat (Cleo) will actually snatch food out of the frying pan. Dumbcat (Keiko) tried this once, but only succeeded in slipping and stepping on the frying pan and burning her paw. This probably why Cleo is gaining weight, while Keiko stays the same.

My dog stares at me when I’m cooking, but when I’m eating she goes away – she knwos that I don’t tolderate begging. owever, she will stare at me when I’m using the computer. In fact, she’s sitting on the floor, staring up at me as I type this. She also stares at me when I’m taking a bath. Go figure.

We got a cat that will stand by you and stare at you while yor cooking and eating. Then when we are finished we let her ‘pre-clean them’ before they go into the dishwasher.

My dogs understand the “Out of the kitchen” command! When you have a 40’ square foot kitchen and two hundred pounds of dogs lying on the floor acting like they haven’t eaten in a week and you’re the meanest “mom” ever, it’s practically a necessity.

They lie at the threshold looking pathetic, but it doesn’t work on me.

I found out that a swift kick, even if it doesn’t connect, will send them running.
Our dogs have never been allowed to beg and they know the consequences if they do.
Amazingly the old dog is the one to try it.He has just started this recently. Maybe he has Alzimers.

My 3 dogs (long gone) didn’t stare at me - they stared at the floor. The instant anything resembling something remotely edible appeared on the floor, they were on it. They were Canis hooveri.

They reserved their staring powers for store stops. I’d run in to grab something and their eyes did not leave the store door. Someone got in the way, and they’d just lean over to get a clear shot. My own mother could be in the car with them and although they adored her, she was persona non grata while I was gone. Unwavering with noses pressed against the glass. I miss those smeary windows.

“He does try to give me the old big-brown-eyes routine, but I just as patiently ignore him.” -Zenster

I thought MY dog invented that. Harvey does the ‘kitchen-thang’ but he also does this spooky follow-me-around-the-house-like-a-ghost thing. Eek! It drives me crazy! I scream “Get a life, Harvey!” and he just slinks out with this wounded look on his face.

What up with that?

I need to know if my dog is the only one that does this:

If I am in the kitchen, she is constantly looking for better food.

After Thanksgiving last year, I had some leftover turkey for her–good turkey, fresh. The kind of food she would have bitten my fingers off for if I had been eating it. However, since I am still in the kitchen, she figures there must be something else coming so instead of eating the turkey, she just stares at me expectantly.

Now, if I leave the kitchen, she will happily gobble up the food but so long as my feet are still somewhere on the kitchen floor, she will not turn her attention away from me long enough to eat.

Does anyone else’s dog do this?

Wow, no, that’s really weird. [insert mind-boggling emoticon]

I’ve never heard of a dog that would pass up what was right there on the floor in front of it, in hopes of better things to come.

Maybe it’s not really a dog? Maybe it’s The Shaggy D.A.? You know, Kurt Russell or Dean Jones or whoever it was, in disguise. Does it sometimes seem like he’s trying to write messages to you? Does he sit on the couch and watch TV and laugh in all the right places? Have your cats been trying to tell you, “Hey, Fido’s not really Fido any more”?

Spooky. :eek:

Tell me about it… Our cat wags its tail and drinks out of the toilet.

The dog doesn’t bother us until after dinners done. I guess she figures the end result is gonna taste a lot better than the unfinished version.

I don’t mind Daisy staring while I cook. It is the drooling that bothers me.