weird things your pets do

Part 100. My dog will not eat out of her bowl, nor will she eat while her crate door is closed. She always nudges her bowl until the food falls out, and sits and looks at it until you unlock the crate. Maybe she has a good reason for it, but the other dog just eats without all the fanfare. Oh, and neither of them will eat liver treats. I thought dogs were supposed to love that disgusting stuff.

What about your dog/cat/gerbil/bird etc.?

My dog wouldn’t eat dry food out of his bowl. He’d take 3-4 pieces out and set them next to his bowl, then eat those.

A friend’s dog freaks out at sunlight shining through a window and onto the floor. She’ll stare at it for a while, then get mad at it a little. Her solution to the problem is to lick a 1’x10’ swath of floor from the bedroom to the living room. Repeatedly. For about an hour.

you know those little rabbit-fur mouse toys with a bead in so they rattle?
my kitty fetches them and brings them back :eek:

he started it. I tossed a mouse one day to see what he would do. He galloped off. A few moments later, he dropped it on my foot and meeped. I tossed it again, and away he went… :smiley:

I am not alone: there’s a LJ called my_cat_fetches :cool:

My dog is fed dry kibble-every night. She picks up pieces of it, and drops them on the floor. Why she does this I don’t know. I will walk by and pick up the pieces (and redeposit them in the bowl). She then eats them…weird!

Our Golden has a nasty bug habit. She prowls the house and any bug on the ceiling or wall, no matter how small, will cause her to stop and stare at it. If the bug flies she will leap five feet in the air to try to get it. Since she doesn’t bark our other dog will bark for her, alerting us that there is a bug to swat. Once we get it, she pounces on it and gobbles it up. If she mistakes a spot on the ceiling for a bug, I have to swat it and show her the fly swatter.

My dog is a clod. She’s about 65 lbs and a mixed breed and she hated walking on just about anything except natural wood. She walks backwards into the kitchen sometimes because of it. I even got her to walk backwards out of it, turn around, and walkbackwards back into it to get a treat.

She also fell on her side once while running around, kept kicking her legs like she was running until she got back on her feet and kept going like nothing happened.


The dog I had as a kid was fairly rambunctious, especially when he was just let in from being chained up in the snow. He had a route that he’d run, which included the circumference of several rooms. If a couch or chair was against the wall, he’d jump up on it and “bank” up against the back of it, like he was in the Indy 500. He’d make this route about 3-4 times before settling down.

I’ve told this before, but my Dottie (English springer spaniel) is a “butt-slammer.” She’ll sidle up to you, swing her butt out, and slam it into you repeatedly, all the while growling (head down, doing a little head-butting too) and stomping her hind feet up and down. You rub her butt and wrassle back to keep her going. She’ll do the same thing to her sister Phyllis’s face as it hangs off the side of the couch. “Here’s my butt! WHAM!”

Normally she’s a bit on the timid side, but not when she’s in a butt-slamming mood.

My dog picks the food out of the bowl and deposits it on the floor for consumption, preferably on carpeting. He will carry it a good ten feet from his bowl to the nearest carpeting if necessary. He apparently feels that allowing us to merely get out the dustpan to clean up the crumbs would be too nice.

My friend’s dog rolls over just fine on the carpet but when prompted to do it in the kitchen or living room, where the floor is hard and I guess cold, she’ll get down to do it but flip back up and refuse once she feels the floor with her side.

My other friend’s dog kind of had a few cat characteristics, she’d stalk bugs and random things that move. She’d even bite floating dust particles.

My dog doesn’t do anything very wierd.

My dog is terrified of blimps, of all things. Plane - fine, helicopter - couldn’t care less, birds - whatever. But if a blimp comes by he barks and growls and runs to the back door (to be let in), then back into the yard to look at the blimp and bark, then back to the door, repeat until blimp moves out of sight.

Fortunately we don’t get a lot of blimps around these parts. It’s pretty weird, I can’t imagine what his problem is with them.

One of my cats, Paris, does a happy dance. When I come home, or when he hasn’t seen me in several hours, he goes to one particular spot in the kitchen, and rolls around on his back, in jerky motions. He reminds me of Elaine’s dancing in Seinfeld (except on his back).

He also has a weird fascination with venetian blinds. He’ll go all around the house, to every window with blinds, and stick his paw through the slats.

Our late dwarf hamster, Starfish, liked to groom me. I’d pick her up and she’d lick and nibble (very gently) on my fingers/nails…she even started removing little bits of dead skin, etc.! It was like a home manicure, and she would do it single-mindedly for hours if you let her. I’ve heard of pet rats grooming their owners, but never of a hamster doing it.

I’d also pick her up and kiss her, and on a couple of occasions she groomed my lips as well-- and once or twice she even forced her head into my mouth and started nibbling on my teeth!

She was a strange little thing, probably batshit insane, but very loving (she never bit). I miss her.

My cat is adicted to moss. It’s like green fuzzy crack. First he’ll find a nice big patch and roll around on it. Then he’ll take his giant paws and pull up big tufts of it. Then he rams his face into the loose bits, and comes up looking like he’s stoned.
I have to dig hunks of it out from between his toes when he comes in.

Catnip has no effect on him.

Just last night, I heard my dog growling upstairs. This was weird, because she never growls at anything (she loves absolutely everybody). I went upstairs, and she was standing all stiff and was growling at the open window in the bathroom. I closed the window, and she was immediately all happy again. I waited a little while and opened it again, just to see what she would do. A soon as she noticed, she started growling at it again. Bizarre. I’m guessing that either she smelled something outside that she didn’t like (I looked and didn’t see anything, but you never know), or the curtains blowing around in the breeze freaked her out for some reason.

My Boss has two Yorkies. If you wan to see them go crazy, just shake a plastic bag. They will be all over you, jumping, grabbing, biting it and holding on with their teeth. If you put it on the ground they will shred it to bits.

I think in a past life they must have been suffocated in a plastic bag.

Last night Bandit asked to go out like he always does around 7PM, he gets his lease and brings it to me. Instead of doing his business he went over to a parked white Jeep and barked at it. Then he slowly sniffed around it and growled at it, then suddenly put his tail between his legs and ran off to the house. He repeated this behavior twice more and twice again with my wife. Maybe the jeep ran over something. Hope it moves today and maybe it will rain and wash away whatever is bothering him.

My dog doesn’t like blimps either. She isn’t afraid of them, but she barks her head off at them. She’s always noticing stuff up in the sky. We live between Akron (home of the blimp) and Cleveland (home of sports) so we see a LOT of blimps flying over. I don’t think she gets as angry with any other vehicle.

The weirdest thing she does is that she only eats at home while positioned around a corner. She likes her body to be in the dining room and her head to be in the kitchen eating her food. It’s not that the dining room is carpeted and the kitchen isn’t - there’s carpeting in the kitchen. She eats at my parents house with no carpeting. She’ll also drink her water “correctly” from inside the kitchen. But when she eats, it’s gotta be ass in the dining room and head around the corner in the kitchen.

Ok another funny thing, while I was writing this post…she wanted to go outside (I think just to bark). So I opened the door and she went down the step and I said “uh oh it’s raining.” She looked and saw it was raining too (she has to go through the garage to get out so she doesn’t feel the rain until she’s out there) and backed right up the step and into the house. She’s not a fan of rain!

My poor Sandra the Wonderdog is terrified-full-out-panicstricken-of the dishwasher. When I turn it on she has to go into another room and the door has to be shut or she sits and trembles with fear. She really hates loud noises.

Poor thing.

My Boss leaves her Yorkies when she goes out on appointments. When she comes back, one of them gets very excited and bounces up and down in one spot like he is on a trampoline. I always know when she is coming because Thunder starts bouncing up and down up and down and up and down.

Thunder also would not go down stairs. He would stand at the top and cry. Finally I put him on the bottom step, put his front paws on the floor, and pushed his butt down. It took him 10 minutes to get the idea, then I had to do it from the second stair and the third stair. Finally it clicked and he started running up and down the stairs for a half hour, very pleased with himself.