Strangest thing your pets do or have done?

Not sure if this or IMHO was best as this is not a poll exactly. . .

Anyway, our kitten Spike actually loves water. When I turn on the water in the sink in the morning he comes running into the bathroom, hops up on the sink and stares at the water. Soon, he is attacking it with his paws. He also loves jumping into the tub right after we are done showering and playing in the wet tub. Weird.

Growing up, we lived in a older house. One of our cats had found a way into the house through the basement. He then figured out how to open the latched basement door to let himself into the house at night. We were amazed when we saw him do it late one night. He would hop up and grab the latch bar with his paws, pulling it down, then kick the door (hard) at the same time with his rear feet to push open to door before it relatched again. Damn clever. :slight_smile:

My youngest kitty likes to put her head and front paws in a plastic grocery bag, and then sled around the house, propelled by her back legs. Really cute. She also likes to sleep covering the heat register. No wonder my house is so cold!

My newest adoptee likes to throw cans of cat food off the counter.

Goodie-Two-Shoes, our perfect kitty, does a thing we call “hang-time”. She climbs up the doorway (we have rough cedar walls) and hangs there until another kitty walks by. Then she jumps her. Way cute.

Well, my cat tries to open doors, and has succeeded twice. We have the normal round door handles, or I’m sure she’d be opening all of them. As it is, she figured out how to open the door in the laundry room because the knob is right next to the washer. The first time, we thought it was a fluke; that we didn’t close the door all the way. The second time, we’d shut them in the laundry room while we were playing D&D. Everyone heard the doorknob turn and looked to see both cats stroll out.

Most doors, she leaps up and tries to grab the handle with both hands. From the other side, it sounds like she’s body-slamming the door.

Um, with both paws, I mean, not hands. She’s quite dexterous with her paws, but no matter how many pencils she picks up with them, they really aren’t hands.

Oh, and my other cat (both are 6 years old) still chases her tail.

My cat (Pussins) always likes to come into the bathroom and looks for some petting as I’m sitting on the “John”. One time I was in there and I shut the bathroom door before she could come in. She started sticking her paw under the door trying to open it to no avail. After about a minute or so the paw disappeared and I figured that she must have given up. About 30 seconds later she burst out of the cabinet under the sink and just kind of looked at me like “how do you like that?” She had actually figured out that she could open the cabinet door underneath the sink in the kitchen and travel through some small openings in the walls where the plumbing is, to get to the bathroom cabinet.

Now I just leave the bathroom door open because I know there is no keeping her out.

Ummm… my dog (75 pound mutt) likes to hump my cats. Two of said cats return the favor by licking the dog profusely. We call it the interspecies lesbian love festival. When the two cats and the dog engage in this all out lick-fest the slurping and purring is enough to make you insane!

We used to have a hamster that would run about the house in the hamster ball. He’d chase the cats, who would run away and then stare at him in disbelief till he got to close then they would run again. The dog would nudge him around like she was playing soccer.

Also the cats like to get in the dishwasher when you empty it. They are difficult to dislodge when you need to close it up.

Not the strangest thing, but certainly the most recent.

Last night Pepper Mill and I were sitting on the couch, watching TV after MilliCal had gone to bed. Our oldest cat, Midnight usually takes advantage of this opportunity to crawl out of her den and perch atop our rather large Ottoman. I was rubbing one of Pepper Mill’s feet, and her slipper, my book, and a box of tissues were on the ottoman. I was also attempting to scratch Midnight. She accepted this with good grace for a few minutes, then had one of those kitty=psycho moments where she felt compelled to turn and attack my hand. She was doing it rather hard, and hissing at it. Hissing is roughly equivalent to using four-letter words, and Pepper Mill didn’t approve, so she took her free foot and kicked the underside of the ottoman sharply. This thoroughly disoriented Midnight, who had no idea where the aqttack had come from. Pepper Mill kicked again, and midnight let go and curled into “attack” position. Only there wasn’t anything to attack.

Her bewilderment was hilarious. We clearly weren’t responsible – we were all the way over on the couch, and the attack had come from beneath. The only other things on the ottoman were the slipper, the book, and the box of tissues. She attacked each of these in turn, very tentatively. Then she jumped off the ottoman.
What made it really funny is that Midnight is an extremely clever cat, as I’ve noted on this Board before. She’s not impressed by laser pointers – she followed the beam back to my hand and figured out pretty quickly that I was making that spot move, and refused to chase it. She knows that doorknobs have to be turned to open doors, and will climb up and tap on the knob if she wants to go out, or to get something from the closet. It was really strange to see her so thoroughly confused.

My dog eats his own poo. People have told me this is normal, the instinct to keep his den clean or something like that. It freaked me out the first time I saw him do it. I asked what I could do about it, and the best piece of advice I got was “Don’t let him kiss you anymore.”

Mrs jjimm uses her cellphone as an alarm clock, with the “vibrate” setting on, with the result that every morning, the phone jumps around on the bedside locker just before we get up. Our cat Cookie Monster has made the connection between this movement, and her getting fed quite soon afterwards, so at 5am she sometimes comes into our room, jumps up onto the bedside locker, and nudges the phone around with her paw, looking expectantly at us.

Then when I feed her, she eats half of her dry food straight from the bowl, then for about 3 minutes afterwards, she picks individual nuggets out of the bowl with her claw, examines them, then throws them on the ground, and then eats them from there.

She also ‘presents’ her butt to me every evening when I get home from work, and miaows until I rub her lower back, at which time she starts making moaning sounds. I really think she gets off on this.

I used to have a dog who, when he peed, would walk on his front legs the whole time. He’d start out raising one leg like a normal dog, then just lift his whole back end off the ground. It was quite convenient for him–the whole time he was doing his business, he could walk along with his nose to the ground, sniffing all the good scents. It was hilarious.

Apparently it was a genetic thing, because one of his puppies did the same thing.

I had a cat that liked to sleep IN the sink but only when the water was running.

Another cat liked to sit ontop of the doors. Yup, he’s start on the floot and fling himself up to the top of the goddamn door and sit there. I currently define pain and grabbing a door and opening it farther so I can leave a room only to have a main coon land on my head claws first.

When I was a kid, we used to have a dog that liked to go shopping.

Everyday he would take himself to a local store, go in, then take a tin of dog food from the shelves.

He’d then bring the tin back home and sit for hours chewing it, licking the juice from the holes he made.

Once a week, my mum had to go to the store and pay his bill for him.

I have a Shep x here who thinks he’s a great watchdog. If anyone knocks on the door, he starts yammering away.
But the funny thing is, I can be looking right at him, walk up to say the bedroom door knock on while still making eye-contact, and that gets the same reaction as some stranger knocking on the front door. He’s a little confused.

My 8 month old cat sprawls herself on my keyboard as I’m trying to type. It doesn’t seem to bother her though I find it annoying. She loves playing tag too. I chase her and then I turn and run and she chases me, then switch again. I’ve never had a cat so interactive.

The weirdest thing I can’t figure out is when I go into the kitchen she goes the long way around and meets me instead of making the trip together. She leaves in the same manner. It’s quite funny.

My 7-month old kitty, Shadow, is quite bizarre. He takes baths with both my kids - it started out as him just sitting on the side of the tub, and then he leaned over to get a drink, and then he stepped in. Now’s he’s advanced to sitting in the tub with them - actually SITTING in the 5"-deep water. And enjoys himself immensely.

The other thing he does is when we go to sleep, he HAS to be on my neck. I guess it’s a bonding thing, as we got him right after he was weaned. He can’t lay beside me, or down at my feet, or even under the covers anywhere, no, cat has to be up accross my neck. It’s fine now, while he weighs six pounds, but he’s well on the way to being a 20 pound cat. Think insurance will cover the suffocation?


My little one used to do that or sit on my shoulder as a wee kitten but she outgrew it thankfully. Think of it as a living stole. (;

Buncha wacked out cats here.

I had one that would crawl up on my chest and wake me every morning by gently biting my chin. I’d be lying there asleep and all of a sudden would feel it’s sharp little teeth giving me a love bite. It got old after awhile and I’d say “no” and tap her on the head but all this did was that the next time she’d gently bite and then draw back. She was so insistent on doing this that she continued even if it meant being scolded. That was 20 years ago and it still makes me smile.

My dog is afraid of wood floors. Any slippery floor, for that matter. He’s actually afraid of a lot of things - very skittish. If I want to keep him in a room, I just have to stick a box in the doorway. He’s not afraid of people, though.

My cats both prefer to drink out of the dogs bowl rather than their own, even if it does have dog slobber in it. One of them likes to stick his feet in the water and then lick his paws.

One of my cats loves belly rubs.

And my other cat locks me in the bathroom.

My dog is weird. When she plays with her toys, she’ll lay on her back and reach for the toy which usually ends up underneath her. It’s very weird, and she basically ends up rolling around on the floor trying to get the toy.

The other thing I find weird is that when I’m sitting on the couch, she’ll lay behind me, between my back and the couch. Like a hot dog in a bun. Incidentally she’s a mini-dachshund so the hot dog analogy works well.

my cat won’t drink water unless it is coming out of a bathtub faucet. So, she’ll run around the house, darting into bathrooms and crying her head off until one of us goes in and turns the water on a bit for her.

We tried to get one of those kitty water fountains, but she just looked at it, meowed and walked away.

The funny thing is that we took her with us to my parent’s house for a week, and now one of their cats does the same thing!!