Does your memory foam bed "sleep hot"?

My husband and I are considering getting a memory foam topper for our bed. I hadn’t even though about the coolness thing until I saw one on Overstock advertised as “cool” memory foam saying it was better for people who live in warm climates.

So I’m wondering if any of my fellow dopers has a memory foam topper or mattress and if so, does it make you hot while you sleep?

We live in Florida and my husband has occasional insomnia. A bed that was hot or made him sweat would be a very bad thing for his sleep quality so I though I’d poll the smartest people in the universe before making a purchase.


No. We’ve had our Tempurpedic for a couple of years now and don’t notice any problems with heat or cold. I should mention that we use a matress cover, despite the product’s admonition not to. Ease of cleaning and all that.

Thanks for starting this. I have been wanting to get one of these, but I have also heard that they sleep hot. I’ll be watching this thread.

My sleeps a little hot but not excessively. I also use a matress pad on top of the pad.

I don’t find mine hot at all. I don’t use a mattress pad on top of it either.

We’ve got a memory foam pad on top of our mattress and some mornings I feel like I’m waking up on a grill. This is a real memory foam pad, not one of those cheap foam eggcrate pads. Mostly, those mornings are on the weekend when I sleep until about 10 or 10:30 though.

It’s not always hot, but if you dress too warmly for bed and have heavy blankets, it can seem too hot. During the season change, I wore flannel pjs one night when it turned out to be warmer than I thought-- woke up boiling hot. So, it’s not a chronic problem, more episodic, but it does happen.

I use a full Tempurpedic mattress and I’ve never had issues with it being overly hot. I wear very little clothing when sleeping though, and the blankets I use aren’t super thick.

I tried memory foam in a hotel once and it made me nuts. I felt wedged in like a straight jacket. Never again.

I agree. I found it very hot. Actually, I found it very uncomfortable too and gave up on it after about a week.

I’m glad someone is bringing up Memory Foam because I have an embarrassing question that I need answered. How would you owners of full-out Memory Foam mattresses (not just the mattress tops) say these beds perform during sex? Do they ‘give’ too much?

I want one of these beds, because they look comfy, but I don’t want one if it is going to ‘give’ too much.

I got a Temperpedic when they were first coming out and only had the one model. The big thing is temperature regulation in the room. At least, that’s my experience. Too cold and the bed is too firm, too hot and the bed doesn’t breathe too well and seems to reflect the body heat back.

As for nookie, well, think of the egg drop. With a spring mattress, there’s the push into and the reflex of the mattress back. With the temperpedic, it does seem to absorb the reverberations. So, if you’re on the bottom, well…you get the picture.

This has been my experience, as well. We have a 3" mf topper, and we recently purchased a fairly dense cover for the comforter on the bed - the additional layers of fabric on the comforter caused me to be too hot. Maybe the memory foam amplifies or reflects the heat. I still wouldn’t trade the topper for anything, though.

Thanks for all of the answers. I do appreciate it. I’m thinking that living in FL, this might not be the best thing for us. I’ll investigate further. Maybe the “cool” memory foam thing has some merit.

The fact your location is Alaska (and is the first reply) made me laugh aloud.

Yes I know that Alaska is not a land of permafrost and no sun, but the OP specifically asked for comments from people in warm climates.

I dunno, it just really made me laugh.

Oh, by the way, I found out when moving my mattress in subzero February that it is not totally memory foam. The top half of the mattress became quite firm but the bottom was still pliable. So if you just want a mattress pad that’s thick, it’s probably the same effect.

I have one. The answer is no. Not at all… hm… maybe I should call the boyfriend for some confirmatory testing…

Sweet Lord is it hot. Like Summertime with no covers hot. Like sweating while I sleep hot.

The Sheckstress generates no heat of her own, so it’s always cold on her side, and the mattress doesn’t function as advertised. She essentially sleeps on a board unless I lay on it firt for about 20 minutes.

It got very hot in my experience. I ended up getting rid of mine.

I am gonna splurge on one of these memory foam babies! And I hope it really doesn’t sleep hot, because I love cool sheets beneath me. Being too hot at night gives me nightmares like I’m trapped in some kind of coffin or something!