Does your State offer restaurant inspection reports online?

Arkansas recently started publishing restaurant inspection reports online. It even includes school cafeterias, hospitals, churches. Any place with a commercial kitchen that serves food to the public.

A local news report made me aware of it. I spent an hour reviewing the restaurants and fast food places that we frequent. There were only two with violations for mold or dirt. Some violations were pretty minor. Like having a personal water bottle in the prep area. It’s a violation but easily corrected.

Does your State offer restaurant inspection reports online?

Do you check on places you frequent?

My state does have them online. I have read them in the past and will look up a restaurant if I think it is not clean enough but in general reading too many reports makes me not want to dine out anymore. A lot of restaurants seem to have the same problems such as employees not washing hands or using proper hand washing techniques, chicken or raw eggs shelved above produce (risk of spilling), no dates on stored food, incorrect temperature of foods in holding (either too warm or too cool), mold on soda dispensers, etc.

What fun !

Is it a state thing in Arkansas?

Here King County (Seattle and many surrounding cities) handles this, and they have the detailed reports online:

Browsing a few of my local spots I see they actually do pretty frequent inspections. I’m surprised. Also, I think I’ll switch out my standard burger spot … :eek:

They don’t have the detailed reports on display at the actual restaurant. Instead they have this simplified thing:

I suppose that’s simpler but it does remind me a little bit of the hospital machine in Idiocracy.

It’s county by county in California, and there’s no coherence as to what’s a “passing” score or even how the scores and reports are provided to the public. Some counties are Pass/Fail, some are A/B/C, some are Green/Yellow/Red.

Touching on a comment by the OP - most fast food places’ procedures are highly regimented and driven by printed corporate policy, so in theory, every McDonalds across the country is cleaning their soda dispensers in the same way and on the same schedule. It’s pretty unusual for a fast food place to have a poor inspection, and the ones that do are probably days away from losing their franchise. It’s often the small family-run places that have significant problems simply because they don’t know to clean the slime out of the ice bins or maybe they do know because they’ve watched a few episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, but due to not enough staff and not enough hours in a day, it gets pushed off again and again.

Most counties in North Carolina do. Others (I’m looking at you, Nash County) claim it’s too time consuming and/or costly to switch their reporting system over to the commonly used standard.

One of the local news channels does a weekly review of the nastiest, and occasionally the best, inspection reports for surrounding counties. They’re highly entertaining. And yes, I do like to check up on the places where I eat. My dad’s first jobs were in restaurant management; he always said (for NC, at least) that a bad day - an inspector happening to pop in right before an employee was headed to change the paper towel rolls, or a fly buzzing in while the door was held open - could earn you a low A, but it took serious issues to earn a B. Fun story: when I was in high school, I got really sick after eating at a local popular hamburger joint. They were awarded a solid B at their next inspection due to cross contamination, among other nasty things.

I don’t know about the state (I’m sure they do), but the Washington Post publishes a weekly list covering the entire Metro DC area, providing the name, address, and violation (and if the issue has been rectified at the time of publishing, when applicable).

Near as I can tell, in Maryland, it’s up to the county. My county posts “Gold Star Recipients” which have some pretty stringent requirements, but they don’t tell you where you’ll get food poisoning. :eek: Other counties post reports.

My best friend from high school is an inspector - I need to ask her what the rules are. When she and I get together for lunch, I let her pick the place. :smiley:

After reading the OP, I looked for South Dakota and they actually do have the reports online! I checked one local restaurant and they had a score of 97 on the most recent inspection. I didn’t read the whole report.

The City of Toronto offers up this map.

I was surprised how well the fast food places rated. Corporate policy that franchises follow does work and they pass the health code inspections.

My state’s search form can select the entire state, a county, or even a city. They did a nice job setting it up.

I know la county does since its the first place that made people put up the grades in the windows or on the wall (or one of the first at least )

thanks to channel 4 who had a 2 week running story on la’s "filthy"restaurants…

But my cousin who worked as a manager at a few corporate fast food places said that b’s were nothing to worry about because they were too nitpicky in the beginning …its the guys with c’s you didn’t go to

Kansas Dept of Agriculture has a website you can use to search for health inspection reports. You can even filter by whether the restaurant passed or failed it’s last inspection.

When I was growing up in the St Louis area in the 70s, restaurants were actually graded and posted a sticker near the entrance. Not sure if that was state or county level, but it was rare that you ever saw anything but an A.

We had them in the newspaper in NY when I was growing up.

We didn’t go out to eat because we lived out in the country and didn’t have a lot of money—and I’d read them and how disgusting all restaurants seemed to be, and think people were amazingly foolish to eat out.

Later on, in university, friends who had worked in restaurants nearly all said that they refused to eat the food there because they knew too much.

Sacramento County does. There is a Green, Yellow, Red rating system, and restaurants are required to post the placard they get in their window for all to see.

While all my places get the green “Pass”, it’s still a good idea to read the actual report, which is also posted online, to see what sort of “Observations” were noted.

Or, maybe not.

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In Nevada they do and post them in the newspapers. I believe Carson City/Douglas co. (Includes South Lake Tahoe)Have their own Health Inpections, Washoe(rReno) their own and Clark Co(Vegas) has their own. The rest of the counties are inspected by the state.

Every Thursday the health inspections are posted in the newspaper (online). Sometimes it’s just a hot dog cart, sometimes it’s every restaurant in a mall food court (mostly because of cockroaches, there are cockroaches everywhere). Most Chinese restaurants are always written up for a list of infractions as long as your arm, there’s never anything ‘small’.