Does Zinfandel lead to degeneracy?

What is it about Zinfandel specifically that causes the vintners thereof to resort to really bad puns when naming their wine?

Vintners of other varietals do not seem to be so moved. *

You never see, “My Chablis Amor.”
Or, “Que Syrah Syrah.”
Or, “Pinot-Cchio.”
Or “Rosé The Riveter.”
(Ha ha, or Lady Marmalade wine – “Cuvée-Vous Coucher Avec Moi.”)

Yet, examine the Zinfandel section, and you will see all manner of terrible puns.
“Deadly Zins.” “Cardinal Zin.” “Zin-fully Delicious.”

Could it be some little-known alkaloyd in the Zinfandel grape? Could it be that they ***all read ***Spider Robinson? :wink:

  • In the interest of Truth In Ranting, it is true that I once saw a “Marilyn Merlot.” It has been omitted for rantual consistency.

Since this is about wine and the names thereof, I’m going to slide it over to Cafe Society.

Those are really just three variations of the same pun. And it’s not just a pun for its own sake: by linking the wine with the concept of sin, they’ve made the wine sound alluringly naughty.

Not sure I’d actually care to drink anything with “deadly” in the name, though. :eek:

Not like anyone would resort to that with other varietals, like Marilyn Merlot or Goats Do Roam.

Telemark: If you’ll notice up there by the asterisk, I did mention Marilyn Merlot; However I had never heard of Goats Do Roam – it took me a full minute to get it! I love Rhone blends; how is it? Have you tried it?

Biffy the Elephant Shrew: Right you are! You’d think at least someone would do a ***different ***pun. Like “Zinister Purpose!” Or “Zintillating!” Or “Zynergy!”

I suspect you are joking, Biffy, but the “Seven Deadly Zins” is a wonderful, consistant blend that is an excellent value. :slight_smile:

You should try Googling those!

Fairview’s actually more well-known here for their cheeses than their wines. Some of which are, indeed, goats-milk. Andsome of them do roam parts of the estate. So while it’s definitely a pun on Côtes du Rhône, it’s much more justified than some of the others, IMO (grenache isn’t even the main varietal in the blend).

It’s a lovely, easy-drinking red - Shiraz-based, blackberry fruit with a slight spiciness (I say anise and pepper) and a tiny bit of smokiness. Of course, I get it at around $5/bottle, so I may be biased.

The OP may like the various offerings from Bonny Doon Vineyard. Obscure references, groaningly-bad puns, and other plays on words are Randall Grahm’s stock in trade.

The wines aren’t bad either, though I’ve generally liked Grahm’s newsletters much more than his wines. Big House Red is one of my favorite house wines and at ~$5 per bottle equivalent, very great value. (And I see later on in the winery’s site, that Grahm sold the Big House and Cardinal Zin brands in 2006. No wonder I like them now.) The new Pacific Rim Riesling from Wallula Vineyard, is ridiculously good and cheap. Better quality for the price ($12-ish at Costco) than most Germans. Really.

No sissy white zin for me… I only drink hardcore wines. Beaujolaser, Moscatastrophe, Cabernapalm. The label must feature a skull and crossbones or mushroom cloud.

Yeah, no Nancy-boy wines! Add Gerwertzterminefields and Reislingshots to the macho list! :cool:

(Hey, where’s the quote? I hit the quote button. Anyway…)

And a sauterniquet and a merlobotomy.

We used to sell a Shiraz called Chat-en-Oeuf.

As an exception to the “zin/sin” batty, you can let someone get Zin Your Face.