Doesn't have a science/tech section?

If they do, they hid it well.

Is science and technology considered liberal or something? Every other web news site (CNN, ABCNEWS, CBSNEWS, MSNBC, New York Times, BBC, Washington Post) have a science and/or tech section.

I don’t give a crap about the conservative bias; I don’t even notice it. But a news source without science/tech… Well, that’s just wrong.

Well, searching on “Mars” gave me a couple of stories, but when I clicked on the heading for “Back,” it sent me to the Top Stories area. It appears that they just dump the science stories in there, and all those I did find were pulled from the AP; I guess there’s no way to spin the close approach of Mars, so they don’t do science stories.

I’m sure as soon as they manage to find a scientist to say that global warming is all bullshit and evolution is just a theory made up by atheists, they’ll have a science section.

Great point, Revtim. I’m a fan of Fox News. They have an excellent legal analyst, Judge Napalitano, some good military analysts, several excellent political analysts on both sides, and some financial analysts. But I cannot think of a science expert on their staff. They ought to get one.

For the record, I was speaking of their web site.

Ha! The rotten soul of Fox News has been exposed! Their lack of a Sci/Tech section is irrefutable proof of their evil anti-truth mission! Finally we have the evidence we need to beat back these damn right-wing fascist apologists. Mwahahahhaahaaaaa!

P.S. This post blows.

P.P.S. When I say “this post blows”, I am referring not only to my post, but to the entire thread.

Actually they have a “junk science” section every Friday which is not half bad.

Usually something new from this website is reproduced, and I think they’re affiliated but have never checked out how.

Recently they debunked the “global warming is a WMD” idiotic assertion.

You can find that one here:,2933,93466,00.html

So it appears they do have a science section.

Why would anyone expect anything even remotely sophisticated from Fox news?

I heard Fox is preparing a big story on 1920s style death ray technology.


Really? Tell us more.

Okay, this is the third thread I’ve seen today that’s mentioned 1920’s death ray technology. Can someone clue me into the joke?

We could, but then the preserved brain of Nikolai Tesla would have to kill you.

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I think they just need time to get their ideas on the faking of the moon landing accepted by the scientific community.

Ah, threadspotting. I always miss threadspotting. That’s what happens when you’re logged into the boards 24/7: you miss what’s happening on the front page.