"Dog Bites Man - Not a story" Interesting article on Pitbulls and real world dangers.

Dog Bites Man

It is an interesting article. And I see that you and I took different things away from it.

You saw it as a comment on Pittbulls. I saw it as a comment on dogs, dog owners and rescue. I saw it as a well written article that said people need to think and think hard before adopting a dog, especially one from a rescue group or a pound. And the rescue group and pound or whoever is adopting the animal out needs to really carefully screen applicants.

There are real world dangers. And some of them can be inherent in dogs, much as was probably true in Spice the Pittbull’s case. Spice reacted instinctively. But those instincts don’t work in the society Spice lived in. From the article, it sounds like Spice paid the price on a lot of things. She paid the price of having an inexperienced owner. She paid the price of a shelter not screening carefully enough. She paid the price of not enough training, on both her part and her owner’s part. She probably paid the price of being a backyard puppy (breed for money or fighting, not by a reputable breeder). And those are just scratching the surface.

I bet Spice was a great dog for her owner. I also think that the author did the right thing in not fighting for Spice’s life. It’s hard. It’s really, really hard, but a dog that has proven it is a threat doesn’t deserve a second chance.

I remember when my mother had 3-6 month old puppy put down for threat. It was hard on her, and that puppy might have been a great dog under my mother’s care or under Elenfair’s care. But that puppy was a fosterling. My mother took her from the pound on the urging of the pound staff with every intention of finding her a good home. She determined that there wasn’t a good enough home. This dog was just too much of a bite risk.

Pets have all kinds of inherent problems. And too many people don’t put nearly the though into getting them that they need to. This isn’t just dogs, but cats and rats and fish. We as people need to take responsibilty for this, in not adopting dogs or cats we can’t handle. And in putting down or allowing the euthanasia of a beloved pet who has proved a threat.

I hope I’m never in that situation.