Dog Consumes Frog: Hazard?

It is possible that somehow our African dwarf frog propulsed out of its tank while the lid was open, despite never having done so in the past, landed on the floor, and got eaten, probably by our diabetic dachshund. (The chihuahua is frightened of things usually.) Neither dog has had diarrhea or vomiting or other problems, and it has been at least two days since the frog went missing. Is there anything to worry about? The frog was alone in its tank, and was never fed live food so perhaps had few parasites.

I am not seriously worried as it has been a little while with no issues, but I would like to make sure there is nothing long-term to watch for. We had thought someone in the house had found it dead and thrown it away, but only today did we find that is not the case, after the vet’s office had closed for the day of course. I suppose my main worry is that it might give rise to some parasites in the long-run, but I have no idea how prevalent they can be in pet frogs that have lived alone for three years with no live food, and even if those could infect dogs. I just know wild frogs are sacks of parasites, hence the concern.

anecdote warning:
My cat lived another 8 years after eating my brothers african dwarf frog. Of course, that frog was quite fresh, so YMMV :smiley:

If the dog’d ate a hog, I’d be more concerned.

Keep a log.

Dog consumes frog: hazard?

For the frog, yeah.

Haha. Yeah, I have no idea how fresh the frog might have been on consumption. Obviously the dog is having no problems with bones or whatever (she kind of engulfs food rather than eats it) and considering we noticed no wet spots or bad, bad smells, she probably got to it very quickly.

That’s if it didn’t wedge itself up into the spiral shell until it got stuck and died. It was very stupid and had gotten stuck in spots before, but we flushed out the shell and didn’t notice anything…

I’ll just bring it up next Tuesday at the vet’s, since it seems there’ll be no short-term problems to worry about until then.

Hah. Frogs, I dunno. Toads, I might worry about short-term effects, like dog stomach acid retched all over my clean floor.

Probably the best thing to do.

Figaro the Cat loved to snack on wigglingly fresh fish. The demise of 3 bettas, and 2 frogs had a human witness, and the witness also suspects that a few of the missing neons, mollies & guppies weren’t actually cannabilized by other guppies, mollies & neons. Figaro could scoot the light box over just enough for his fishing/frogging expeditions, but not appear out of place at a glance from the two-legs in his house.

I really hope Bobotheoptimist either already knew about his frogs, or doesn’t notice this thread.