Dog eaten by cat

Humans have made incredible aberrations of certain species of animals through the breeding process….horses, cattle, and dogs. There seems to be far fewer extremes in the common house cat. Is it possible to breed a Great Dane size cat, or a mouse size feline? I understand that most dogs were bred in a certain way for a purpose, but is it possible to make such incredible changes in the “house cat” species.

Link with probably more than you wanted to know on this subject.

Another link from the same site about dwarf cats.


A perfect article that explained what I was wondering in very easy to understand terms.

Thank You!

Just get a Maine Coon Cat. The largest was 48" from tip of tail to nose.

That’s a big house cat.

Makes toy poodles sweat bullets.


Well, surely some doofus’s pet tiger got loose in the suburbs at some point and snacked down on his neighbor’s chihuahua.

The other thing is, a tiger-sized house cat would be, well, a tiger. I have a 100 pound dog that I’m perfectly comfortable around. I’ve also had a 10 pound cat. And if my cat weighed 100 pounds I wouldn’t have him in the house. I can think of dozens of times where I petted him in a manner displeasing, and he swatted my hand with open claws. If he was 100 pounds that swat would have sent me to the emergency room.

In a lot of ways cats are still wild animals, at least much wilder than dogs. And cats are pound for pound much stronger and fiercer than dogs. A 10 pound cat could kick a 10 pound dog around all day every day. A 100 pound cat is gonna scare the piss out of a 100 pound dog. And a 100 pound cat would scare the piss out of me too.

I’m not sure you’d have a choice (mental image of the closing theme of The Flintstones).