Dog owners, can you're male dog pee ambidexterously?

My dummy can’t. He can lift his left leg, but gets all discombobulated if he tries to lift his right. He sort of over stretches and falls over. Just wondering how common that is.

My dog would only lift his right leg until he was about a year and a half old. He’d sniff from either side, but then would wheel his entire body around to bring his right hip to the target zone. But after about eighteen months, he became ambidextrous, and remains that way to this day. He’s a Bichon Frise, by the way, if you are correlating data to breed.

“you’re male dog”
I’m not male dog.

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My brother had a male greyhound that didn’t lift either leg. Mo (short for Mohawk) would set his back legs further back, and sort of lower his groin area and pee. Mo had been raised as a racing greyhound, which meant he lived in industrial style housing for dogs, and he was deprived of the most enjoyable aspect of male dogs at an early age. That is, he wasn’t able to sniff every upright object in his area and then pee on it.

Mo really, really enjoyed being a pet after he retired.

Only got a female now, but Simon (died 2 years ago) could go rightie or lefty. When he was about 14, he started doing the hunker down to pee. Vet said his hip joints were a little acrthritic.

Gomez is ambidexterous, but prefers lifting his left leg. He recently had knee surgery on the right and still lifts the left one > half the time. Peable also swings both ways, but insists on sniffing one way and peeing the other.

Both of them are perfectly happy peeing on their front legs/paws, too. :smack: Coupla dorks.

I’m not a dog either by I have one and he doesn’t seem to care which leg he lifts. Sometimes he doesn’t lift any at all.

Which leg my dog lifts depends entirely on which side one of my other dogs is crouching when she starts to crap. The Little Girls outrank him, but they don’t seem to mind when he pisses on them.

Dogs are disgusting–and kinky–creatures.

I used to have a female dog that always lifted a leg to pee. Didnt seem to matter which leg.

Kinda reminds me of a tee shirt I saw the other day:

View the world through a dog’s eyes…If you can’t eat it or fuck it, piss on it and walk away.