Dog owners, maybe parents - HELP (gross)

I came home and one of my dogs had diarrhea right inside the door, how can I clean it up? It is very runny, I don’t think I want to take a paper towel and smear it, do I? Most of it is on a welcome mat type rug, but some spots are on the carpet. I have a carpet cleaner, but should I try and get all the runny stuff up first? Any tips?

if you can, depending on the rung, try to use clorox.

first blot with lots of papertowels, then use the carpet cleaner.

Hate to say it, but you’re going to need to rent a carpet steamer. We had the same problem the first week we brought home our german sheperd. She had gotten into the cabinet and eaten a 6-pack of snickers bars. Chocolate not being the best diet for said puppy, we made the wise decision to try to induce expulsion of the chocolate. So we fed her grass and peanut butter. LOTS of grass. It didn’t quite have the effect we wanted, but it managed to get the chocolate (and everything else) out of her system.

We tried everything. Nothing worked. Finally I broke down and bought a Hoover Steamvac and that managed to do the trick. With two german sheperds now, we can’t get along without one.

You should be able to pick one up from the grocery store for a few bucks, but I doubt you’ll find anything that does the job better.

Good luck!

Thanks, I guess I panicked when I posted this. I dragged the welcome mat thing (it’s as large as a commercial mat, almost) outdoors, and there wasn’t really much other than a few spots actually on the carpet.

It looked worse than it really was.

XJETGIRLX, we do have a carpet steamer - with three dogs and three cats it’s worth its weight in gold.

I just didn’t want to smear it around - my sister in law had a story about her almost three year old that had gotten some poop on their carpet, and she grabbed her toy vacuum cleaner (the three year old, not my SIL) and totally smeared it into their carpet, making it almost impossible for her to get out.

Now I have to figure out the cause of the diarrhea, I don’t want any sick dogs.

Nature’s Miracle will get any lingering stain or smell out once you get the bulk of it up.

I would use dog’s blood. Probably would make it worse, but I’d feel better.

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When it is pet related I try and get up what I can without getting it into the rug any deeper then I use carbona pet rug shampoo stuff (with the brush on the end) then I use the shampooer.