Dog Rape

Here at the straightdope we like to be on the cutting edge. On the cutting edge of fahion. On the cutting edge of music. On the cutting edge of haute cusine. On the cutting edge of “guy stuff”. And now, you can be on the cutting edge of that hep talk all the kids are flinging around.

The word is Dog Rape. It’s a verb or a noun.

It means to kill. Specifcly, to kill chat or conversaiton.

In useage?

Bro, you totally dog raped chat.

That’s some mighty good dog rapage going on there.

I’m up for some dog raping

And here I thought this would be a retread of the TMI thread.

<runs really, really fast>

yeah, this is dog-raped from the start

Wow, scratchie, I think you dog raped your own thread.

When I hear the term “dog rape”, I don’t think of ending chat. Oh no. I don’t even think of chat at all. I think of Benjy and Lassie and one tawdry evening in a cheap Santa Monica Hotel Room.
Not many people know about this. But, not many people hang out under Santa Monica pier trying to peer up Transexual’s dresses, either.

This was in the 70s, back when disco was dying and Rick Dees was groovy. Benjy had called Lassie over for a couple of drinks, just to talk about what went wrong. One drink led to another, and soon enough Lassie was saying no, but Benjy wouldn’t listen. Lassie went to the police. This being the Macho 70s Lassie was laughed out of there. This led to drink , overeating, excessive car chasing, and dognip. Lassie will never be the same.

Let me tell you, dog rape isn’t something to joke about. I still shudder thinking about poor Lassie asking me for a milkbone as I sat back in the grungy Santa Monica sand.


Of course, the actor who played Lassie was male, which just makes it all the more sordid.

Peta in no way supports, endorses or condones dog rape.

Okra rape on the other hand…