Dog repellant

I do not like dogs, so naturally most dogs I meet love to follow me around and try to lick me. Is there any scent I could spray on my legs that is highly repulsive to dogs, at levels that are completely imperceptible to humans?

Binaca. Seriously. You can spray it on your hands or in the dog’s mouth. Also helps with getting puppies to stop chewing on your hands.

Meat tenderizer.

or A1 steak sauce.

Most of them are.

You can use a ultrasonic dog repellent. You can keep it your pocket or purse and no one will know that you are using one.

Here’s one of the products from Amazon -

Well, how convenient, somebody just started this nearby thread, which might have some useful ideas.

Just douse yourself generously with butyl mercaptan and apparently most dogs will leave you alone.

Copenhagen snuff works well also.
Our dog was a mooch and after a little pinch of snuff on a morsel of food the dog never mooched again.
The way we found out was a time when my FIL spit his Josey Wales tobacco and didn’t see the dog sitting there with panting away. All he would have to do from then on was pucker up and the old dog would run away.