Dog sniffing up skirt - what to do?

What is the best way to handle this? You have to get the dog away and make a light joke - give me some lines.

“I knew I shouldn’t have worn my sirlon tampon today.”

Smear a little bit of tiger dung on the bottom of your shoes. The dog won’t come near you. No joke required… maybe some perfume though.

“Oh dear, this happens so often”…while gently nudging the dog’s head away.

The dog won’t know or care, and it’s ambiguous enough shut up any onlookers.

“No, boy, not here!”

“Not tonight, I have a headache.”

“That’s funny: That’s the same way I met my husband!”

Hey there, fella- not until you buy me a drink!

Why is this even a question? :confused:

Smack him one, & say “No, boy! No!”

and hope he doesn’t bite ( or even worse, have a really long tongue ) :smiley:

How to handle this?

Put a camera on the dogs nose.

I love it! That’s the one I’m going to use, just what I was looking for.

Well, number one I’m not going to smack anybody else’s dog, and secondly I want a way to deal with it with humor, you know, make light of it? You remember, funny :slight_smile:

How about “Hey, hey, you don’t know me that well!”

“Oi! There’s no peanut butter there!”

<Draw 357 Magnum>

<DIRTYHARRY>"Do you feel lucky, Pooch? Well, do ya?</IRTYHARRY>