I pit our dog.
For the past week I’ve had to walk her as her usual walker, my step-father, is on holiday.

I pit her for causing me the indignity of picking up poo with a bag.

I pit her for stopping to sniff other dog’s urine every 2 seconds.

I pit her for stopping to sniff every single upright object.

Desperately seeking morsels of food in bushes and on the floor as if she doesn’t get fed at home.

Having stinking breath.

An honourable mention goes to the abundance of attractive young ladies who work at the nearby superstore who cheered me up after the walk, and so took the passion out of the above pitting.

I didn’t interact with them, It just cheered me up seeing them.

Ah but thats what we love about them. They like to make things a challenge for a us mere mortals.

Oh that and the fact they ain’t cats. :smiley:

(Don’t kill me! I have 2 cats and no dog…I just wish it were the other way round)

Who the hell started the thing about dogs attracting women? I’ve had dogs for years and I’ve only a couple of times had anyone, much less attractive wimmen around my age, go goo goo over them while I was walking them.

Dude, you gotta ditch the bag of dog poo when you see 'em coming. :slight_smile:

Does the doggie have a friendly, open expression, looking around and wagging his tail? Or is he a dog on a mission, pulling you forward without looking up or paying attention to humans?

Also, ditch the spiked collars, don’t use a chain leash, and stop giving them names like “Shredder”. :smiley:

Our dog, Nickles Freckles Pickles, Nick, for short, is always on a mission.

His mission, “Find something to eat”.

And he will pull(read: drag) you forward at times. However, he will stop and pay some attention to humans, because they might have some food. And if Nick wags his tail and looks like he is extremely excited to meet the humans, they just might give him some of that food.

People will say, “My Nick is a very friendly big, big, dog”.
I say, “Well yeah, but he just wants your sammich”.

What kind of dog do you have? I go goo goo over terriers, most herding dogs, and some hounds. I don’t really pay attention to gundogs, toys, or working dogs. Some dogs are more goo-goo-worthy than others.

As for the OP, I love my dog in spite of those facts. He’s so damn precious! Obligatory cute puppy pictures!

I feel your pain, Lobsang! My dogwalker has taken a break for the month of August and I’m stuck with 2 dogs who want walking. I co-pit them both - for much the same reasons - also because they try to head off in different directions sometimes [one likes cats, the other doesn’t] and I almost get my arms pulled out.

On second thoughts, maybe I should pit my dogwalker as well for daring to take a break :confused:

For all of those with pully-type dogs, may I heartily reccomend the “EZ lead”. I can’t find a good picture on-line, but it’s basically a leash that straps around the head, rather than the neck, and it acts like a harness on a horse. It (painlessly) makes it impossible for the dog to pull, and makes walking our high-energy dog a pleasure instead of a chore. I’m pretty sure Petsmart and Petco carry them.

You know, relative to the recent pit thread about canine BBQ, it would seem to be the height of decency to refer to “I Burning Your Dog!!!” here. But I won’t :slight_smile:

Have they been cute dogs? Or those rodents some people carry around with them, pretending that they’re dogs? (and I do know that there are some women who actually like the rat-things…but you have to meet the right set of women while walking the right dog.)

For years it was a doberman… which I guess explains a lot. But I’ve now both a Maremma and a Cross that looks like a shorter haired Tibetan terrier and still almost nothing. :frowning:

What kind of lady should a Border Collie attract?

Sigh. I am tired as hell and still at work. I am not looking forward to taking the dog for her walk in 3 hours. Unshaven, looking like death warmed up, with a dog leash in one hand and a bag of poo in the other.

If yours looks anything like the ones on that website (so, so cute!) - then those women are blind, heartless, and insane and you’re better off without them.

He’s got me now! But when we first started dating, I fussed over his dogs so much he asked who it was I was coming over to see! :smiley:

Not dogs, you idjit. Puppies. And (human) babies. Kittens would do the trick as well but people might think you’re odd walking around with a kitten on a leash.

Lobsang, your dog would lay down her life to protect you, PLUS she offers unconditional love and an unlimited supply of full-butt wags when you walk into a room…and you’re bitching about her sniffing too much?

Ungrateful wretch.

Point proven…the dogs helped Silentgoldfish win the brilliant, charming, lovely, witty Burnt Sugar. ((What more could you expect of them, spaghetti dinners while they sing “Bella Notte”? They’ve already gone above and beyond the call of duty.))

I would not have a dog myself, sure they are a companion and supposedly would ‘lay down their life to protect’ (although it could be a relationship motivated and maintained only by the desire for food) but they are too high maintenance, too needy, too stupid and bad mannered. (sitting and staring when you#ve got food. it would be downright cheeky if a human did it, so why not a dog)

I’d have cats. cats have dignity and they look after themselves pretty much. I dislike the wagging tail thing, it says “I am needy and stupid and I want you to baby me” whereas a cat purrs, saying “I am comfortable and proud. and I enjoy your company/closeness”
And I HATE picking up poo with a bag.