Doggy Adoption!

We found a dog that just melted out hearts and we decided to apply to adopt him from a local rescue group. I sent the application in this morning.

This 11 mo. old pupply is a brindle boxer rottweiler mix. So Cute and sweet. His foster family says he gets along well with cats too.

picture Just look at that face!! squeeeee :smiley:

I can only hope that he hasn’t been adopted yet.

He looks like my new puppy! Brindle squee!

Ooh, looky dat widdle face!

Yeah, that one will be able to convince you to let him inside because he’s pitiful and cold. Damn sad-face puppy dogs.:wink:

Hope you get him!

Kudos for adopting! What a distinguished-looking little fellow. If he takes after his Rottie side, you may have a “leaner” on your hands…rather, against your leg.


I got a call from the rescue a little while after I posted. The pup is still available and they were looking over our application for adoption. It sounds pretty positive.

I am very excited and all kinds of nervous.

The rescue will, of course, make a home visit, to make sure we have the living arrangements we say we have. We just need to put a lock on the gate to our back yard.

I am nervous, because our backyard is a work in progress. We still haven’t put in a patio or patio cover, we did plant two trees, but it’s pretty blah back there. Since we don’t plan on making pup live in the backyard, I hope it won’t be an issue. We do have block wall around the backyard that is 8 feet tall.

I am sure it will be fine, as long as he has someplace shaded covered and a complete fence. Other than that the dog doesn’t care if it’s pretty or not.

My Mom’s very involved in rescue operations. You’ll be fine as long as your credit checks out.
Just out of curiousity; which agency are you adopting from? I currious because my Mom services your area.

We are trying to adopt the dog from Monsieur Pit Bull Rescue (MPBR), but they take in dogs of all sorts.

BTW, This rescue doesn’t have a policy to run credit checks.

I recieved an email from the rescue stating that we have excellent references and that there shouldn’t be any problems. We might have our home visit before the end of the week (stated by the rescue) and could possibly have him by the weekend (my assumption).

I am going to be so very :frowning: if they won’t let us adopt him.


We are approved to adopt!! We are having our home visit on Sunday afternoon.


Yay! Hope you soon will have a kitty-friendly pup pup.

Yee haw! I’m excited for you!

OMG, you MUST kiss him on the nose for me. What an adorable face!

Yay! Lucky pup!

I’m sure you’ll be approved, and can’t wait to see pics.

Does he have name, or are you waiting for his input?

Trunks is the name he currently has, but we are thinking about changing his name. Give him a fresh start, ya know. If we change it, were not sure what we’ll change it to. We’ll have to see what the doggy thinks :).

I already bought some toys for him and some high quality treats from the pet barkery and bow-tique.

He is going to be one spoiled dog.

…Oh, he has been living in a foster home with four cats. He gets along really well with them. I’m pretty sure were going to get a lot of this :dubious: from our four cats!

Beautiful dog…great color, almost “wood grain” as it were.
Perhaps name him Woody?

Then again, might not be the best idea when hubby is in the back yard and catches the dog and yells to you, “Honey! I got Woody!” Neighbors might raise an eyebrow.

Yeah…bad name for dog.
I’ll shut up now.

But congrats…looks like a great dog!

What a gorgeous puppy! Throughout this thread I’m reading that dopers are saying what a lucky dog he’ll be to be loved by you & yours, so why not name him “Lucky”?

Give him a scritch between the ears for me.

Love, Phil

So how’d the home visit go? It’s Sunday night. Do you have puppy yet?

That is one cute puppy face. I had a puppy with a face like that except he was a pit bull terrier. But he had the same coloring.

That face just makes me grin. So serious, yet goofy. I bet those ears are silky…