Doggy door doctor avoids jail time

Update on the Houston emergency doc who busted into her romantic rival’s house through the doggy door* and sent her threatening text messages (as you’d expect, the best coverage comes from the Daily Mail and the N.Y. Daily News).

It’s hard to pick a favorite element of this story - the trail of (unused) condoms left on the rival’s stairs, the threat to dislocate her vagina**, or the fact that it involves three physicians from a former home town behaving badly (allegedly).

**I am not sure how one would accomplish this, anatomically speaking. But we’re talking about the director of one of the busiest ERs in the country, so she’s probably seen it all.

*either a very small woman or a really big dog.

We’re talking tabloids here, they need to spend their headline budget. How about “Deltoid Dislocating Doggy Door Doctor Dodges Disciplinary Detention”?