Dogs and Cats Living Together (want to avoid mass hysteria)

Wife and I are living with our 14 year-old mostly Lab mix who has become pretty set in her ways - not mean but more of a “get off my lawn” sort of dog. Our son adopted a kitten while away at college and will be spending a few weeks away this summer. He tried to get someone to take care of the cat but it now looks like we’ll have the 10 month-old for this period.

He’s brought the kitten over a few times and we tried short periods of interaction. I was hoping for one of those “dog befriends cute kitten” photos but not so much. No danger of physical harm to either but not the sort of interaction I’d like to leave unsupervised.

The cat is strictly indoors and we have owls and other creatures in the area that would prevent us from letting it outside.

I’d hate to keep the cat confined to a room but don’t have ideas on how to allow the two to share space. My first thought is to give the cat access to the house and supervise interaction with the assumption that the cat would find appropriate places to hang out and the dog would get tired of being on alert constantly.

Has anyone been successful getting older dogs to accept the cat house guest? Any suggestions are welcomed!

I have had labs and other bird dogs that were much more aggressive towards cats. Every dog I have ever owned quickly adapted to a cat in the house. They recognize when it is part of the clan. Even my sharpie adapted quickly and I was shocked at that. He never adapted to people coming over and for the most part felt cats should be dead. They figure things out quickly.

We recently introduced a puppy to two middle-aged cats.

The cats have learned how to hide. They generally jump from counter to fridge to top of cabinets and sleep there most of the day. At night, dog sleeps in closed room and cats roam.

I think it is important they both can get away from each other, especially the dog as 14 years is old enough to be annoyed by a teenager (the kitten at it’s most destructive age).

I hope it works out OK.

Thanks for the replies! There should be ample room for the cat to find a peaceful spot and I’ll give the dog additional walks to help things out.