Dogs and duck skin

Short story, any issues giving a dog, raw duck skin ( minus feathers) ?

Longer story

Ok ,so I am just cooking a crispy duck, stage one was a 2hr steam and stage two is crisping up in the oven. Great for us, and we have the neck and kidneys, still raw, for the hound, a 70lb Lab. The Lab in question, who is normally pretty well behaved, would commit high crimes and misdemeanors for the duck neck, so is highly motivated to do anything we say right now. We also have a small bit of skin that was cut off the body which is still raw, any issues giving it to a dog sliced up in small parts?
Other than the fat content , as it is a small piece , I cant think of a reason not to, this dog eats moose dung and keeps that down, well 2 times out 3.


I’m one of those weirdos :slight_smile: who feeds my dogs a primarily raw diet and have done so with multiple dogs since 1999. So raw skin, bones, fat, muscle meat and organs in the form of animal parts is their normal daily diet, no problems. Tonight they got chicken quarters. (FTR, a black Lab, a Rottweiler and a Jack Russell Terrier mix.)

I’m biased and would say that your Lab will be fine. If you’re worried, you could cut up the skin and stick it in the freezer for chewy treats. Too much fat at once can cause diarrhea, especially in dogs that don’t typically get a fairly varied diet.

Good call, I’ll save the skin for tomorrow, neck, kidney and skin could be too much. At least when he does barf/go for a second chewing he always does it on the same rug.

Your Labradork (no offense, it’s what I call mine) will love you for it. Mine will eat anything that doesn’t eat him first. I’m not letting him read your post because he’s going to want moose dung if he does.

oh he is a complete idiot, falls very firmly into the ‘heart of gold, stomach of iron, head of rocks " Lab type.
Probably should have expanded the Op to ask what other ’ raw bits of dead stuff’ do you feed your mutt

Based on their breeding, don’t Labs tend to have an innate craving for all things duck?

By contrast, a few years ago I happened to be out walking someplace as I noticed a woman walking her German shepherd just ahead of me. About half a block ahead, I was surprised to see two ducks just waddling along, right on the sidewalk, evidently a brightly colored mallard drake and his mate. (I have no idea what the ducks were doing so far from the nearest water.) And the dog couldn’t have cared less about the ducks.

Maybe if it had been sheep, instead of ducks?

Actually Labs are bred to have a “soft mouth” so they can retrieve water fowl without shredding it, so having a taste for duck would not really be a good thing in a working Lab and would not be selected for by breeders who care about a dog’s working ability. /pedantic.

Perfectly describes my Lab too. Except he didn’t get the “retriever” memo, so if you throw a ball or anything else, he gets insanely happy: “you threw that thing you threw it yay I am SO excited OMG you threw it!!!11!!!”
Then he stands right there looking at me happily, wondering why I threw a perfectly good thing away, and would I go get it and throw it again, because it makes him so giddy. He is a complete idiot, really. But he does love water and going to the lake is the best thing evah.

My dogs eat almost all animal parts with the exception of deer leg bones and turkey bones. I get all happy when I find odd things like pig testicles and chicken feet for cheap at “ethnic” grocery stores. I have even gotten entire cow heads (free from a processor) and they’ve provided many hours of enjoyment for my dogs. But only in the dead of winter. Because, smell and grossness otherwise.

No, whatever you do, do not feed the raw duck skin to your dogs.

Send it to me, so I can feed it to my dogs :slight_smile:

We feed ours a raw diet as well; often that’s chicken thighs, legs, or quarters.

**Rhiannon8404 **has ties that occasionally provide us with whole sheep carcasses, which we have butchered and then portioned out into meal-sized portions; we get everything except for the brain. They love it when we give them a skull to chew on :slight_smile:

Yes, at my last house I had a neighbor who had a friend with a goat farm. Win! He would buy a goat and get the good parts; I’d get all the other bits for my dogs for free, including the guts and entrails.

Basically, the same stuff you get in kibble, but natural and unprocessed and devoid of the sawdust and carbs that dogs have no need for (although they can utilize them.) Incredibly good dental health, tiny little odorless poops, very good overall condition.

the only thing I can think if is that I’ve read (here) that dogs eating too much fat can suffer pancreatitis as a result, though I don’t know what qualifies as “too much.” Duck and goose skin can be incredibly fatty.

He loved it , small quantities spread out over several meals.
Our lab also failed lab memo reading , he will happily chase what ever you throw, but if he doesn’t see where it landed , he is lost , and if he does get to the item, he just sits down and chews on it.

I did think of this aspect, but thought perhaps the soft-mouth behavior has to be trained into working Labs, or that it runs in the breeding stock from which sporting Labs are supplied.