Dogs and Europe

Yesterday, my recruiter asked me if I’d be interested in a job in Germany. I said, “Hell yeah”, so he’s forwarded my info on to the company. I’m all excited and stuff- I don’t have the job yet, but I’d say I’ve got a decent shot at it.

However… I’ve got three dogs. Three very devoted dogs, whom I really would like to keep with me. Anyone have any idea what’s involved with moving to Germany with three medium-sized canines?

Google search: import dogs germany “I’m feeling lucky”

  1. Animals

· Dogs and domestic cats

The import of a maximum of three animals is allowed for private purposes, i.e., not for transfer to a third party. When going through customs, you must present proof of rabies vaccination. The vaccination must have occurred at least 30 days and at the most 12 months before entry into Germany. Repeat vaccinations that occurred a maximum of 12 months after the previous rabies vaccination and a maximum of 12 months before entry are also permissible. The vaccination certification must be submitted in German or with an officially approved German translation.

Here you can find some additional information. The last section is Berlin-specific and does not really reflect the situation in other cities.

It has been ten years since I have been to Germany and surrounding areas (Austria, Switzerland, etc) but I still remember how pet friendly they were. In many cases people would walk right into stores with their dogs (not big stores but boutiques, small cafes, some hotels, etc). Something you pretty much never get away with in the US.

I forget which country it was but I noticed all the dogs there had muzzles hanging from their necks. Not on the muzzle…just dangling. I finally asked someone what the deal was and they said there was a law that all dogs had to wear a muzzle. Apparently the loophole was in not really defining what “wear a muzzle” meant so the dogs technically wore them…just not in the manner that was intended. Silly really (either define the law better or give it up) but kind of funny.

I’d be more concerned about getting them back in when you return… what’s the dope on that?
I recall a recent news story regarding a cat who accidently got locked into a shipping container, went to France, and had to spend several months in quarantine before its owner could reclaim it.

Someone I know took her two greyhounds to Germany with her when her husband’s job was transferred. Since they had therapy dog qualifications they were allowed to ride in the passenger cabin with her on the flight over - she flew Delta business class. Over the last couple years she has sent lots of pictures of places they’ve visited in Europe. It’s way more dog friendly than the U.S. You should have a lot of fun!

As Americans’ idea of a medium size sometimes is at variance with European’s ideas :wink: I’d like to ask: what sizes/breeds?

Thanks, all- I was so afraid they’d have to spend six months or so in quarantine- I couldn’t inflict that on the guys.

Now… I just have to get a job offer… :slight_smile: