Dogs And Sunbathing

Does the size of the dog effect their ability to stay in the sun?

Two days ago I was in the park where a lot of people sunbathe and they also take their dogs.

It is a pretty big park so as I walked I noticed all the BIG dog, like great danes, german shepherds and labs were sitting in the shade. While the owner was in the sun.

BUT the little dogs were all by their owners in the sun. The two dachshunds and one bull dog (or somthing that looked like one) were not only in the sun but they were lying on their back getting their stomachs warm.

It wasn’t hot about 80º degrees. So is this common for the little dogs to like the sun and the big ones to seek the shade?

The issue is ratio of body mass to surface area. A larger animal in general loses heat as a proportion of its body mass more slowly than a smaller one.