Dogs are meant to live inside or outside- NOT on balconies!

My upstairs neighbors, a young married couple, have a temperamental Dachshund who used to be very spoiled. They had a baby about three months ago and ever since they’ve kept the poor little bitch on their balcony almost 24/7. She acts like a motion sensor and barks at anything that moves, especially my dog when he goes on walks, and she barks all night sometimes, but while she had a mood disorder even when she was a pampered inside dog I’m far more p.o.d at her owners than I am at her. They almost never walk her anymore and she’s always on that damned balcony, which has to be exceptionally boring for her as it gives her maybe 90 sq. feet of territory.

I know that a new baby is a major responsibility and lifestyle change, but most people I know who have had babies don’t exile the dog. Unfortunately the neighbor is a redneck policeman so it probably wouldn’t be wise to make a report to the ASPCA or other organization, but at the same time I feel sorry for her even when she’s raising six kinds of hell at my little spoiled brat terrier walking downstairs.

Few things piss me off more than people who don’t act responsibly towards their pets. They are totally dependent on you and unlike you they didn’t have a choice about living where they do.

Agreed Sampiro these people are totally irresponsible… if they treat the dog like that imagine what the little one has to look forward to… :rolleyes:

You know what? I CAN imagine

Maybe you could try having a polite word with them?

That sucks, and you having to listen to it is exceptionally annoying. I have neighbors with two rotties who are constantly outside and also bark at everything. I ranted about it in one of my first pit threads too.

At the risk of sounding like a meddler, I had a thought. Would you be willing to offer the couple (if you know them, I couldn’t really tell) a deal where you walk their dog with your own (if they’d get along) and they’d promise to, say, keep him inside between x and z time? Maybe they’re overwhelmed trying to deal with a tempermental and likely jealous doggie along with all the chaos involved in a new baby. Ideally, it sounds as if he’d be better off in a new home entirely, but if they won’t give him up maybe you could help make him less miserable?

Bella- (my dog’s name, BTW)

So you suggest that he makes it “ok” to mistreat and ignore their animal, and at the OPs expense?

Personally, I"d talk with them…I wouldn’t offer your services, but I’d ask them to take responsibility for their animal for sure. If that doesn’t work, then call the local shelter/SPCA, Etc. And don’t make no nevermind about him being a cop. Doesn’t make him any different than you or any less responsible for his pet.


My old best friend of thirteen, fourteen years - we’ve lost touch for the last few - had a Pekingese named Gizmo. His family kept the poor thing locked in the kitchen 24-7, and this wasn’t one of those large fancy-shmancy kitchen, either; it was long-ish, but cramped and too thin to hold even a small table.

They took out this un-neutered dog maybe - maybe - twice a day, and almost never paid any attention to him unless he urinated or defecated on the linoleum. Gizmo finally died a few years ago, and I still feel bad for him.

Anyway, if the dog’s barking at everything, I’d certainly at least make them aware of how annoying it is. Cop or no, he can argue against treating animals well but he can’t argue against noise ordinances.

Of course not, because with any luck just suggesting the arrangement would help the asshole see that his pet care is very obviously lacking. And if it doesn’t, the dog at least gets a walk and the OP gets a set period of peace and quiet. I simply think that if his true concern is for the welfare of the dog then it couldn’t hurt to ask. If he doesn’t want to/hates the owner/is uncomfortable on principle/scared of weiner-dogs etc. then by all means just call and lodge a noise complaint. It was only a suggestion, and no expense to him since he said he walks his own dog regularly if I read the OP right.
You’re free to think it’s a bad idea, I’ve got no emotional investment in it. :slight_smile:

Perhaps they could rotate the dog and the baby, give each of them some home time and some balcony time.

county- I like the way you’re thinking on this one…

Following county and some of the people in the other dog threads I propose that the guy just let the fuckin thing out in the parking lot and let it roam around. It’ll get plenty of exercise that way. Maybe he could sit out on the balcony and, um, you know… supervise it and stuff. Like whenever it ran after some kid or chased a car he could put down his beer and crack pipe and yell out a helpful command like “Don’t fucking do that Pookums, pleeeeeze!” Then when somebody finally gets mad enough to use a baseball bat on it he can sue them for damages and finally have enough money to afford the American dream of home ownership. Then he can have a yard to let Pookums II out into so it can roam the neighborhood and repeat the cycle.

Sampiro, do you live in an apartment complex? It seems that the management (or landlord, if you live in a rental house or similar) might be able to mediate the situation. I had a similar situation with neighbors once – they kept their barky Sheltie on their balcony while they were at work, and it barked All Day Long – and the apartment management handled it.

Thanks, I’m the kinda guy who is into solutions, not problems.

Damn, John Grisham II.

I do think it’s a bad idea. Not because you’re wrong or wrong in having your own ideas. I think it’s wrong because the United States of America is apprently having a lot of trouble these days. My take on the matter is that we are a nation of people who are not accountable for their own actions anymore. It’s always somebody else’s proble, responsibility or fault.

Walking the dog for the neighbor who can’t drag his shield-wearing ass out of bed or let the pooch inside the house would send a signal that the behavior was ok. It won’t force the little lightbulb in their skull to light up and for them to say “oh wow, poor little Boots, I’ve left her outside all this time. Maybe I should do something about it”.

But that’s just my take on it. No emotional investment here, either.


as Amanita mentioned, if you live in an apartment complex, report the dog owners to the management by saying they leave it on the patio all day and it barks all of the time. If they do nothing, report the people to your local ASPCA or Humane Society.

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have animals.

My hairstylist had this problem at her apartment a while ago; her neighbor left his dogs tied to the railing on the balcony with no shade available. She called the HS and they came out and talked to the guy. Now he has them in cages :rolleyes: with “shade-tent”. She figures it was better then before but she is still pissed that this guy keeps his dogs on the patio like that- since sumer is coming and it gets damn hot around here. She said she is going to call agin if he won’t take his dogs in when it becomes scortching hot.