Why do dogs hate it when you blow in their face but when there in a car they always stick there heads out the window.

Try a tic tac

what are you talking about

D’oh! MrJ, you really shouldn’t tease the lad.

Wel when my dog blows in my face, i stick MY head out the window.

Dogs usually kiss me when I blow in their faces.
If only the chicks were so easily delighted … <g>

Try a Tic-Tac.

Why I oughtta … !

My assumption has always been that it really is a question of scent rather than air movement, stallion99. Dogs have an average of over 200 million scent receptors in their nasal folds, where humans have 5 million. I think it’s a sensory kick for them to stick their noses out the car window and smell everything whizzing by at speed, sort of like a lot of student films with fast cuts and sound bites.
I would also hazard a guess that on the highway, when you’re driving a lot faster, dogs prefer to stay out of the wind? Can anyone back these assumptions up with real facts?

I have been driving at well fast and been passed by cars going 90, dog stickin his head out big ol tongue goin floppidy blap flop.Pickups goin even faster dog in the back, got his fore paws on the cab, ears streatched wayyy back.
i am a westTexas boy. I love the wind in my face, can’t drive with the window all the way up, but i cant stand a narrow blast of air in my face. But then, though I been called a dirty one, i ain’t a dog. # (that was an anti SOB joke device,so no wise cracks)