Doing some laptop sleeve shopping: "ballistic nylon" vs. "Twylon"...? (Quickness appreciated!)

So, having decided that I’m tired of using a piece of foam and a couple of magazines to get my modern laptop to fit into the large backpack sleeve made for a much older (and bigger) laptop, I’m doing some laptop sleeve shopping.

A friend buys from, so I’m investigating there. Looking at just sleeves (I have two backpacks already, and plan to just shove the sleeve in one of those when I travel with it - that IS what they’re for, after all), I see two that fit the bill. One is made of “ballistic nylon.” The other is made of “Twylon,” which is apparently five bucks more (you can see 'em both here).

What’s the difference between the two? Is either “better” than the other? I anticipate wanting to make a purchase decision VERY soon now, so I’d appreciate answers!

Thanks in advance!

Oh, in after edit: I’m mainly concerned about protecting the laptop from scratching and shocks while I’m carrying it around in a backpack. I have one right now with a laptop sleeve, but it’s old, and thus the sleeve is way too big for the computer - I had to put in foam and magazines to make it fit snugly. I’d get another backpack, but I already have two, so if the sleeve can protect from scratches and shocks by just going in a pack I already have, I’d prefer that!

“Twylon” seems to be commercial name for a blend of cotton, wool and synthetic fibres, including nylon, according to this page. Whether the case made with ballistic nylon has more or less actual nylon content, I don’t really know.

Personally, I’d go with the less expensive one, but I’m cheap that way. It doesn’t sound like you’re likely to be too aggressive with it anyways.

I’ll put in a plug for a WaterField sleeve. No affiliation, I buy one for each new machine I get. Unbeatable quality and good padding.

Ah, yes, I remember you mentioning them on my other thread.

Any good review sites out there so I can make up my mind between them?

(Thanks for the info so far, BTW.)

Mostly just private reviews

Ah, thanks!

Among those reviews I saw mention of the ZeroShock case, which is VERY interesting. It uses memory foam, apparently, so it seems to be the “ultimate” in what I’m looking for. However, it may also be overkill. Still, the WaterFields you recommended seem to have relatively consistently good marks for quality and service… Might just go with them if the memory foam thing is too much (assuming reasonable care)!

Anyone else with thoughts or suggestions? Planning to buy this weekend, so please get 'em in soon! :slight_smile:

Ive shopped quite few notebook sleeves and been surprised at

  1. How expensive the good ones are

  2. How expensive some of the stylish ones are that really do not do the vital cushion-protect job all that well.

The best I’ve found for the money (so far) is a unique design by Wenger-Swiss Army. There is a raised honeycomb-waffle structural design on the interior of the neoprene that substantially enhances cushioning. It’s the only one I’ve seen with this feature. Staples sells them.

Also interesting! So it’s not fitted, I assume - a “one size fits all up to a certain size” thing?

Most PC notebook form factors are largely defined by the screen size, so while there may be variations in width, unless the notebook has a highly unusual design height and width specs within size classes do not vary much from brand to brand or model to model. Effectively this means that a 14" notebook sleeve is generally going to properly fit 95% of all 14" standard wide-screen PC notebooks.