Dolores Reborn's Feuds can now be found in the Thread Games forum

For those of you who have enjoyed and missed the Feuds of the past (which could previously be found in this forum), Dolores Reborn has begun running them again. They can now be found over in Thread Games. The plan is for this thread to be updated when new Feuds are opened. Subscribe to this thread (or just frequent the Thread Games forum) to catch new games when they’re started.

The current game (started 10/1/18) can be found here.

Ok, people - we need THREE more people in the game! It’s fun! It’s easy! Try it out!

Thanks for running the games again, Dolores!

New Feud is up!

We need 4 more players.

New Feud here.

Bump. New feud still needs about 10 players. Join in!

Bump! we need 4 more.

New Feud here.

New Feud!

Hey, there’s room for 14 more, as of this post. Join in!

Lots of chatter in this feud. There is room for six more players.

I’m in! Thanks.

In what? I think the last one closed in April.

I presume EH posted because he wanted to subscribe to the thread and the board software makes it obvious how to do that when posting. It’s possible to subscribe to a thread without posting to it, but far less obvious how. Near the top of the page, click on “Thread Tools > Subscribe to this Thread”

I can get one going if y’all don’t mind me taking forever…

I am intermittently swamped or bored to death at work. Currently bored, for however long that lasts.

I, at least, would not mind in the slightest!

Yes, please!

Neither would I! Yes, do get one going when you can!

A feud about food! Chocolate maybe?:smiley: