There is a new Feud in Thread Games

I posted a new game here a while back, and it was moved by a moderator to Thread Games. I currently only have 33 entries, out of 50.

Some of you might remember how to play, and I’d love to get some new people to play. Come on over! :smiley:

Keep the Feud alive!

ATTENTION! The answers are only **six **letters long!!!

Are you planning on running more feuds or is this a one-time event?

I’m not planning per se, but there could be more in the future.

One more chance bump

Note to those relatively new to the Straight Dope Message Board:

These Feud threads used to be a relatively regular and popular feature in their heyday, which was [does a search] holy cow! about ten years ago (though there have been some since then).

Since you’re not supposed to read the thread until after you’ve posted, I thought some people might appreciate some examples of completed Feuds to look at. So here, more or less at random, are:

The Daily Feud: Besides Feud 2: The Wrath of Karn by Justin_Bailey [Closed]

Sitcom Feud [Closed]

Family Feud X

Bump. We need 3 more players.