Dominant organ

On one long ride home (traffic, public transport, you get the idea) i got wondering:
With two, healthy, functioning kidneys, is one of them dominant? That is, does one work more than the other? What about ovaries/testicles? Can’t really say the same for lungs, because one by nature is smaller to have room for the heart.

What do you, ladies and gentlemen, think?

(I am looking for factual answers, but if it’s more suitable for IMHO, mods feel free)

Split renal function tests are commonly done for evaluation of each kidney, either for disease states or perhaps prior to elective donation.
I am not aware of a significant difference in function, on average, from left to right although it’s common for one kidney (usually the left) to be slightly larger than the other. If they are both normal and the left one is slightly larger, say, it would have a slightly larger contribution to total glomerular filtration.

Testicles are not ordinarily measured, but can be assumed to be about the same in their contribution, except for the guy from Belsizes.*

Ovaries typically take turns ovulating and one is not more dominant than the other in normal women.

*There was a young man from Belsizes
Whose balls were of different sizes
The one was so small
It was no ball at all
But the other took several prizes.

Um, the dominate organ on a man?:smiley:

Chief started it.

When I had a renogram done I was told that one of my kidneys was doing 70% of the work
This was apparently unusual enough for my Doctor to consult with other doctors about it.

Not something they had me do anything about…

Thank you guys!