Domino Harvey was a real person??

I have a real problem seeing Keira Knightley as a bad-ass.

She is just too tiny.

A soccer player - yes
A english noble - yes
A badass bounty hunter - I don’t think so

Never underestimate small women; attitude counts for a lot.

Looking at the picture of the real Domino, I can see some resemblance to her father in the face. What a shame she died so young.

Please, everybody, don’t ever write the word “kewl” again.

True. Knightley isn’t tiny in terms of height (I think she’s around 5’8") but her frame seems too delicate. From looking at photos of the real Domino Harvey and reading about what she was like, my first choice for the role would have been Angelina Jolie.

Feh, a good small fighter never beats a good big fighter.