Domino Harvey was a real person??

While it isn’t high up on my list of flicks to watch this fall, I have to admit that the new flick Domino looked like it might be a good “bad” film - schlocky, camp fun; a “Barbarella” for the new Millenium. But I assumed that the flick was simply a new outing in that ever-popular Buffy/Alias/Kill Bill genre of action flicks - ass-kicking young girls who look fierce in tight leather pants. But this review from the NY Daily News states that Domino Harvey was, of all things, a real person! In fact, the real Domino makes a cameo in the movie (but has apparently died recently). The film confesses upfront that “artistic liberties” are taken with the story - it’s billed as “based on a true story…sort of.” But the fact that there really was some waifish Brit girl who became a bounty hunter is intriguing. Anybody know how she died?
And “Domino Harvey” - good lord, what kind of parents inflict their kids with a name like that? It sounds like the name of a ‘Bond girl’.

(just sayin’.)

According to Wiki, she was the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey, and a drug addict, accounting for her recent death. She was named after the Bond Girl character in Thunderball.

…which explains why her name seems like a 1960s Bond girl name. Heh. She does seem like an interesting girl, despite her tragic death.

Naturally, while she’s not bad looking, she doesn’t look half as stunning as Kiera Knightley.

(just sayin’.)

She was actually a model before becoming a bounty hunter. Tis true.

And not to knock your tastes but Keira Knightley to me is the brit Jennifer Garner…if she weren’t in movies and you passed her on the street you’d say “Hey, she’s almost pretty.”
She also has no boobs whatsoever so she does nothing for me.

The movie looks good to me… I guess I am just a sucker for Tony Scot.

I am confused. In this thread you defended Julianne Moore saying:

I remembered because I feel the same way, but she is hardly well endowed in the boobage department.

The real Domino Harvey’s godfather - whose name escapes me - was on lots of Brit TV a few weeks ago decrying the portrayal of his goddaughter in this film.

Good article here:,,1517587,00.html

Who cares? Keira Knightley is topless!


[makes plans to see Domino]

Keira Knightley is gorgeous and her (lack of) figure is by no means a handicap. I love curves but they aren’t always necessary… variety is the spice of life and all.

Doesn’t she hook up with Lucy Liu too??? :cool:

I didn’t hear that but I heard she gives someone a lapdance.

::vibrotronica finds himself filled with regret over the fact that he turned down the opportunity for a press screening because Tony Scott movies give him headaches::

From my newspaper today – the lapdance part involves a body double, primarily as a substitute bottom, for the rump-shaking scenes. Keira’s director took her into his office, where she got to pick between 3 naked women (to be “her bum”). According to the article, Taryn Powers is the name of the body double.

Have you seen Boogie Nights? Moore is atleast a b-cup and has spectacular breasts.

Knightly is literally flatchested.

For anyone that is interested - this is what the real Domino looked like -

Domino Harvey died of a drug overdose (oops). They decided to leave the film as it stood rather than include it.

Good article in the Times a few days ago.


Movie’s getting mixed reviews, though.

I give major credit that the ads say - “Based on a true story … Sort of”


I’d say calling the reviews “mixed” is being very generous.