Don Imus---Save us all and get kiecked in the head by one of your horses

I have to admit that I found Don Imus’s radio show amusing, for about 5 minutes.

That was almost 10 years ago.

When did things go wrong for you, I-man?

Maybe when you made a complete ass of yourself at the Correspondants Dinner and then tried to foist the blame off of yourself onto other people, including President and Mrs. Clinton.


real classy.

Tell me, I-man, seriously, do you think that the “bits” that you do are even remotely humerous?


Having some asshat do a horrible imitation of Richard Nixon, gee, that’s really being current and hip. Nixons been dead for what, nealry 10 years.

Same thing goes for the same asshat doing a horrible impression of Walter Cronkite. I’d bet you 50% of the current US population has no fucking clue who Walter Cronkite is or the reason for his "fame.

And yes, the same thing goes for your awful Clinton and Ted Kennedy impersonator. Clinton’s been out of office for nearly 2 years now, but you just can’t let it go, can you. I can kind of understand, seeing as if you did give up on the whole Clinton-bashing thing, your show would no longer have a reason to exist.

By the way, how is that whole tax-dodge that you call a horse ranch for kids doing? How much have you made off of that scam in the last 5-6 years?

But , I must confess, my main gripe is with your “producer,” Bernard McGuirk. I don’t know if I have ever heard a more racist/bigoted/homophobic person on the radio.

At least not one who tries, and fails miserably to couch his racism/homophobia/bigotry in humor.

The only 1/2 way decent person on your show is Charles McCord.

I feel sorry for him, having to sit in the same studio with you and the other sphincterknuckles that make up the Imus In The Morning crew.

The Patton bits are occasionally funny.

His brother bores the hell outta me, though.

Neither can Clinton’s devotees, so it all more or less balances out. :slight_smile:

Because goodness knows, no one who mocks Clinton and Kennedy could possibly be performing charitable deeds unless they were getting a kickback of some kind.

Do good-hearted conservatives make baby Judas cry?

quack quack

Howard Stern, is that you?

I saw a recent picture of Imus, hooooly shit!. Has he been smoking crack? He looks like he 70 years old.

By the way, it’s easy to discern from my typos that, I too, smoke crack.

crack crack


I must be smoking too much of it, I don’t get it.

He spent a number of years as a cocaine addict and abusing alcohol – he’s clean now – but these things take their toll on you. He also nearly died a couple of years back when he fell off a horse

He just turned 62 years old, so, adding the above, sounds about right.

A long-standing feature of Imus’ show is a duck’s intermittent quacking (hence blur’s comment).

I don’t know the in-joke with the duck, what got it started, or what it’s for…AFAIK, it’s just there.

And as far as ‘not getting it’…don’t fret. It ain’t worth having. :slight_smile:

Gotcha ya -


Howsabout D’Amato doing his best Krusty the Clown impersonation of Judge Ito on Imus?

According to an MSNBC retrospective, at one point Imus thought a engineer wasn’t paying enough attention to the show, so to force him to be more attentive, Imus established a rule that whenever he mentioned the time the engineer had to play the duck quack.

Fred’s only funny when he’s trying to be rude. And someone please fire Sid Rosenberg for real, what a slimey untalented punk.

BTW, WSLer, many of those unfunny bits, especially the Cronkite essays, are written or co-written by Charles McCord. So, he should be another victim of your wrath.

I just want all the “wacky song parodies” by Rob Bartlett to please stop! They aren’t that clever, and most are painful to listen to. Rob, singing anything in a Clinton voice does not make it funny.

I checked this morning; and either Don Imus isn’t on the local Kansas City affiliate anymore, or my antenna just sucks.

However, another station recently picked up Michael Savage, who blows the fascism bellcurve so hard he puts Rush Limbaugh over in Noam Chomsky’s territory. I lean to the right on a great many topics, but frankly, the mere fact of this guy’s existence scares the living shit outta me.