Donald Duck, stone killer

Ran across this while searching around yesterday:

Um… people had a rather different sense of humor decades ago!

Heh. I laughed. People today need to lighten up.

And don’t piss him off when he is hungry either!

I love the Donald Duck voice when he freaks out (link safe for work but watch the volume).

Imitating Donald at work can be great fun when things go to shit. Well the “screaching” anyway (at about minutes 2, 3 and 4 if you wanna skip ahead), the axe part not so much (frowned on by coporate doncha know).

One of my hidden talents is doing the Donald freak out. Didn’t seem to help in my Eharmony application for some reason though.

Why is Goofy saying “Let 'er go!” instead of, say, “Pull me to shore!”

Well du-uh. He’s goofy!:smiley:

He probably thinks Donald’s going to toss a life preserver (floating ring)

Or, he figured Donald would kick the anchor over the other side of the pylon, which would hoist him up rather than drown the shit out of him.